Beauty report: Black Leopard Nourishing Lip Balm For Men

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Name: Black Leopard Nourishing Lip Balm For Men
Price: $9.95
What it does: A lip balm for men which hydrates the lips to relieve dryness with a ‘triple action formula’
Key ingredients: seed oil, Crea Alba, lanolin, cacao seed butter, peppermint oil, Bergamot fruit oil ++ more
Available from: blackleopardskincare.com

How it feels/smells/looks

This lip balm has a smooth and silky feeling upon application. If your lips are dry, they definitely won’t stay that way after application.

Why I like it

The peppermint aftertaste makes you want to re-apply just for the taste. Your lips feel smooth and moist.

Areas for improvement

The glossy residue the product leaves on your lips makes them sparkle. This may not appeal to every man, however, I personally like looking glossy.

Final comments

If you’re not afraid to enhance your pout and you like a peppermint aftertaste, then this balm is for you. It doesn’t really differ to lip balm that’s targeted at women but it’s great there are products that are specifically targeted at men.

The packaging also has a picture of a tiger which makes it more masculine, and therefore more acceptable for boys to use.

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