The biggest beauty trends of 2022, according to the internet



New year, new eyebrows.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – beauty trends are the best. Why? They’re usually less expensive and more environmentally friendly than their clothing counterparts. I get to indulge in a fun, fleeting moment without fuelling the world’s imminent climate-change hellfire too heavily.

I’m also a compulsive person with commitment issues, which is why the kitchen scissors are now firmly off-limits for fringe experiments. Does this make me an expert in trend prediction? Absolutely not. But I’m an observant person who spends an alarming amount of time trawling the internet, which should make me qualified for something.

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And you’re in luck! After much research (scrolling on TikTok), I’ve decided to bless you all with my 2022 beauty predictions. Whether you like it or not. If you’re wanting a healthy dose of non-committal change, this is the article for you. BYO kitchen scissors.

Medium eyebrows


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In 2021, we shaved them, thinned them and bleached them away. In 2022, they’re back– in a big(ish) way. We’re not talking a Tumblr-era Cara Delevigne or Bambi Northwood-Blyth level of eyebrow thickness (although that is hot), but a very medium brow shape with a slightly darker tint. It’s a great opportunity to save plucking time and let your natural face-framers shine. To get the look, simply brush up with a clear, strong-hold gel.

Hair jewellery


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When it comes to beauty, I like to think the shinier, the better. I’d wear body glitter as an everyday look if it was practical (it’s not, that stuff gets everywhere). Hair jewellery is 2022’s coolest way to bling up your beauty look. The best part? You can go as exaggerated or minimalistic as you’d like. I personally am obsessed with V’s pink amethysts and Matisse’s silver hair chainmail.

Exaggerated cupid’s bow


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While many claimed the cupid’s bow was ‘dead‘ in 2021, I predict the new year will bring it back to life. Instead of pouty e-girl lips, we’ll be seeing overexaggerated, razor-sharp lip liner, applied in shades of soft red, blush pink and deep purple. No, it may not be the most wearable look ever – but remember, we were all slathering glitter under our eyes during the internet’s collective ‘Euphoria season one‘ phase (just me?). Don’t take your makeup too seriously, sweetie.

Blunt step bangs


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In the next phase of the ‘step mullet‘ evolution, ‘step bangs’ are suddenly popping up everywhere in Melbourne. Very similar to its mullet-y cousin, ‘step bangs’ are essentially super-straight, blunt-cut bits of hair framing the face. I know they certainly wouldn’t work on my very round head (I will wear curtain bangs forever, dammit!), but they look simply j’divine on the right person. Pair with a colourful streak for futuristic hot-girl behaviour.

Big bottom lashes


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In a Twiggy-esque ’60s eye makeup moment, I’ve noticed a lot of big, fluffy bottom lashes splashed across social media. While voluminous top lashes will likely always be in – particularly with eyelash extensions becoming more popular – I predict this season, we’ll be seeing falsies on the bottom, too. Think ‘hot deer in the headlights’.

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