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Cat’s out of the (makeup) bag.

I’ve always felt like a bit of a beauty outsider. When it comes to the right products, the best application and the trick behind the illusive winged eyeliner, it seems to work on an ‘if you know, you know’ basis and for the most part, I don’t. Not in an I’m-too-cool-for-makeup way, but in the way that I pedantically follow a TikTok tutorial and my blush still manages to look streaky way. Is it because I’ve been using the same brushes since high school? Possibly.

I know I can have glowing skin and flawless makeup because it happened once. School formal, class of ’14. My friend Robyn was always the beauty wizardess of our friendship group – and I’m telling you, whatever alchemy she pulled on my face that fateful evening worked wonders. In the year following, I tried many a clubbing evening to recreate the look, but it was never the same (the four Vodka Cruisers I guzzled before application probably didn’t help).

We’ve tried out the latest beauty hacks so you don’t have to. Head to our Beauty section for more. 

I’m now older, wiser and with help a simple DM away (the power of journalism, people) I’ve got no excuse. I asked five Australians in beauty to tell me their secrets.

Joanna Fleming, beauty editor at Adore Beauty


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If there’s one thing I don’t shut up about, it’s the benefits of LED Light Therapy. I’m more of a skincare aficionado than a beauty junkie (you’ll catch me wearing makeup maybe once a week at the absolute most), so my skin health is a big priority for me.

Prior to working in beauty e-commerce, I worked in marketing and admin positions in cosmetic clinics and was exposed to the benefits of LED for rejuvenation and wound healing in that setting, but it wasn’t until I stacked it down some stairs in Vietnam a couple of years ago (and ended up with a hematoma on my bum cheek) that I really saw the visible benefits of LED.

Using my Lighstim, this hectic bruise was gone in two weeks. Red, blue and infrared wavelengths of LED light are great for rejuvenation, reducing inflammation, reducing acne-causing bacteria and promoting healing. I have three different LED devices (yes, I’m extra) and do at least one session a week.

If you’re opting for an at-home device over an in-clinic treatment, make sure you choose a brand like Lightim that is FDA/TGA approved, and has its own clinical trial data to support the device’s efficacy – there are a lot of devices on the market that aren’t worth buying.


Lily Swan, makeup artist and hairstylist


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As a makeup artist who champions a ‘less is more’ philosophy, the perfect brow brush and eyelash curler are essential in my kit. Their ability to open the eyes and frame and lift the face make them such useful tools. These two are my favourite everyday products that are staples in both my personal and professional makeup kits.

The Nars #48 Brow Defining Brush has just the right amount of density and firmness to shape and define the brows, and fills in sparse areas with precision and ease. It picks up the perfect amount of product for a natural-looking finish when using brow powders, but can also create a more structured look with precise brush strokes using a pomade. I like to use it with the Lancome Sourcils waterproof gel-cream.

Another of my must-have beauty tools is the Surratt Eyelash Curler. There’s nothing worse than having to be aggressive with an eyelash curler– especially on a model or client – so I love this product for its ability to lengthen and curl lashes without the need to apply too much pressure. The curl holds all day with a single coat of mascara.


Jenifer In, makeup artist

I’m usually very picky when it comes to brushes. Most of the blush brushes I’ve come across are either way too big for my cheeks, too dense (which makes it hard to blend) or lose their shape after a few washes.

A tool that I discovered when I was first building my makeup kit was the Elf blush brush. You can purchase it from Kmart for $10 and it is a brush that I still pick up regularly!

This brush is a perfect size, it applies powder blushes on effortlessly and picks up just the right amount of product. It also has multiple purposes and can be used to set your face, wipe off any excess powder if you’re baking and apply bronzer.


Trinity Hill, makeup and special effects artist


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I have consistently been going through bottles of The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic acid serum. As a makeup artist, having a hydrated, glowy and smooth base is key for me. I love the look of healthy vibrant skin and am always looking for the next serum or face oil to give my face and clients an extra youthful boost.

If I’m working on a client with dry or flaky skin, this is my go-to for a hydrated base. I’ve found that applying your serum first – before any moisturiser – gives you the best outcome. The instant glowy boost from the Hyaluronic acid, coupled with vitamin B5, makes this product suitable for all skin types. My face stays, hydrated, glowing and ready!


Isobel Larkin, freelance beauty journalist and content creator


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I’ll be the first to admit it – the concept of a cryogenic skincare tool seems super gimmicky and I was quite sceptical about this product until I tried it. The 001 Skincare Cryopress is life-changing! It has a rolling cylinder attached to a handle and you keep it in the freezer when you’re not using it.

Roll it across your face in upwards motions and you can actually see it lifting and tightening your skin, plus you’re left with a serious glow afterwards. Not sure if these effects are permanent but they definitely seem to last a few hours. I often get compliments on my skin when I’ve used the roller so I try to remember to use it before events.

It’s deliciously refreshing to use after a peel when your skin may be feeling a little warm or, my personal favourite – when you’re hungover. Also, this is definitely a weird thing to share but it has also become a bit of a party trick at my place… friends are always wanting to check out the latest products when they come over and the roller has become a beloved crowd favourite. Very thorough sterilising occurs between uses (of course) and people are always shocked at the results.


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