Fashion people on the hairstyles and cuts they’re requesting at their next salon visit

WORDS By Ruby Staley 

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Like fashion, hair trends are cyclic. And although hair is arguably a far more personal part of our aesthetic than the clothes we wear (it’s attached to our heads after all), our cut, colour and styling choices are often swayed by the zeitgeist. 

The last few years have seen the return of the mullet and the shag/wolf cuts, complete with voluminous Farrah Fawcett curls. We saw money piece highlights have their heyday in 2020, and slick buns became all the rage (and continue to be wildly popular) courtesy of models like Bella and Kendall.

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But what’s next? So far this year, we’re already noticing soft mullet cuts and natural curls being embraced thanks to TikTok’s curl setting hacks, and the already infamous faux redhead look is everywhere. While I wait for my graduated bob cut to grow out so I can have the wolf cut of my dreams, I asked some of my favourite creative friends what they’re planning on getting at their next trip to the salon.

Bianca Beers, artist, designer and creator


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I’ve been rocking short hair for a while now and honestly loving it but it’s SO. MUCH. WORK! So, I’m considering either growing it out long (something super textured and edgy) or shaving it all off and going bald again (because honestly, hair can be a drag). Two opposite ends of the spectrum… we’ll see how we go! 


Isabella Campos, legal student and online creator


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My mum always told me one day I would learn to love my curly hair, which didn’t stop me from frying it into oblivion every morning before school. Those days are over (thank god) and my curls are now an integral part of my look. 

Over the past few years, I have learnt the importance of a good cut, and have tried a number of looks ranging from a shorter FKA Twigs style mullet, to a slightly more classic-yet-chic shag. I’m so excited about my current cut by Makis at Toni & Guy, who took some weight out of my layers, particularly at the top to give it a bit more shape whilst keeping the length, complete with the cutest curly fringe!


Victoria Houllis, nail artist


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I’ve been honey blonde since the start of the year and while I’ve loved it, I never stay blonde for long. As I ease back to the dark side I always stop over at another colour since my hair has been lifted and this time my sweet friend Nina (@extrasilky) is taking me copper. 

It’s a bit of a trending colour at the moment but the last time I went orange I loved it! Keeping my layers long and face-framing and slowly growing my hair. I can’t get wild with my cut because I prefer working with my hair off my face so I keep it simple!


Kirby Casilli, artist


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Hair goals are length, length, length! I never got to have super long hair so now’s my chance [but] it’s hard to just leave it as is. I go to Madison Finn when I can and the last look was a nice bleach, then it was coloured extensions in the hair to fake that length. I feel like it’s more about how I’ll be styling it. I’m loving the messy bun with flailing bits everywhere but please don’t take notes till my hair is trailing far behind me.


Ebony Mai, online creator 


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I am someone who feels the need to constantly change up their appearance, and for a really long time, my hair has been one of my favourite outlets for that. But that comes with consequences since constantly changing up your hair is bound to damage it eventually.

I absolutely love playing with my hair colours – it’s like getting to become a whole new person every few months. But I want to strip back and focus on expressing myself through other forms such as makeup and fashion, as opposed to my hair. This week I’m planning to go back to my basic bleach blonde and freshen up my wolf cut layers, and I’m hoping that I manage to stick to it for quite some time, as my hair really needs a break!


Aurelia St Clair, comedian and online creator


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May actually marks my one-year anniversary of shaving my head. Since then, I’ve bleached it blonde, pink and blue, attempted to grow it back, and then shaved it off again. I’m really enjoying having short hair at the moment but see myself growing it out and getting dreadlocks next.

It’s a style I’ve always loved and considered getting when I had long hair. I was scared to commit then, but I feel ready now. Something about going really short liberated me and makes me less hesitant to take risks with my hair.


Kristy Wu, fashion and beauty online creator


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I’m planning on dying my hair a little lighter as I’m moving to New York in a month, and it’ll be summer there! I’m also going to be adding more layers for that ’90s look – kind of like a Rachel from Friends vibe.


Ms. Thandi, singer and songwriter


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My hair is currently bleached and dyed a strawberry blonde colour which I’m obsessed with. I sometimes think about going back to my natural dark brown, but at the moment I am loving the blonde against my skin tone and features. My go-to hairstyle right now is a high ponytail.

I’m next planning to get faux locs done, which is a protective style. I would usually go for pick-and-drop braids, but I feel like it’s time to try something different. Plus, my Pinterest boards are full of locs inspo. Faux locs are also a great way to test-drive traditional locs without the commitment.


Corin Corcoran, fashion designer


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My hair is super important to me for self-expression. I change it often to recognise moments in time, new things in my life and changes I’m making for myself. I currently am leaving my hair as is and growing it out as I’m working on a film but I think I’ve had almost every colour and shape. I recently had stripes so I want to do something fun in the near future like leopard print or a pattern of some sort.


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