Glossier just dropped a solution for acne-prone skin

Glossier skin perfecting solution

Images via Glossier

Big claims.

Glossier’s cult reputation has just increased tenfold with the addition of its new exfoliating skin perfector.

Aptly named ‘Solution’, the product is the beauty brand’s first entry into the acne treatment market.

It promises to clear pimples and blackheads with daily use, thanks to its “particular blend of three acid actives.” As any acne sufferer would know, it’s a big claim to make and one that’s often not met by skincare brands.

Glossier cites clinical trial results to back up the claim, stating three out of four daily users said their skin felt cleaner and softer within 24 hours. Of those with acne-prone skin, 94 per cent said their skin was clearer after four weeks of use.

‘Solution’ works by gently removing dead cells through chemical exfoliation, breaking the bond between dead cells and the healthy ones underneath.

Suffice to say, we’re dying to try it out. Waiting for Glossier to announce global shipping is getting harder with each release.


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