LUSH releases a glow in the dark soap bar on the witching hour

Words by Ruby Staley

Don’t fear, new bath bombs are here

In a strange turn of events, LUSH has announced a series of Halloween themed products, set for release on Friday 13.

Say hello to five bath bombs, two bubble bars, a lip scrub, a shower slime and some sort of curious glowing bar of soap called ‘Glow Worm’.

Set to spice up this Halloween season, the collection features Fall-inspired touches, including pumpkin flavours and plenty of sparkles.

The release includes some fan favourites such as the bestselling Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb, a concoction of patchouli and black pepper oil, and as well as some new inclusions such as the Mercury Retrograde Bath Bomb, for when you feel things are going backwards.

LUSH’s ghoulish Halloween treats launch in stores nationwide and online from September 13.


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