Kim Kardashian recreates Elle Woods’ law school application video

Words by Christina Karras

What, like it’s hard?

It seems celebrities seize Halloween as a chance to upstage each other, with an infinite team of hair and makeup stylists forever at their disposal.

I thought the Kardashians had already outdone themselves for the holiday when Kylie Jenner posted a photo of Stormi dressed in a replica of her Versace Met Gala extravaganza, but I was wrong.

Kim ‘Break The Internet’ Kardashian West has gone for round two, perfectly recreating the video Elle Woods submits for her Harvard Law School application, in the inadvertent feminist classic Legally Blonde.

Other than being a great costume, it also feels like a subtle bit of shade for her critics. ICYMI, Kim is actually in the middle of studying her own law degree as an apprentice, with plans to take the bar and become an attorney in 2022.

Perhaps the same way Warner Huntington III underestimated Elle, we underestimate Kim. Chase your dreams Kim, get that education.

Say what you will about her, but it’s a pretty good gag.

See the video below.

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