How to do your makeup in the car, and make it actually look good

Image by Twylamae
Words by Ashleigh Fenton

Suprisingly simple.

Most of us have better ways to spend an hour than applying makeup in the morning. And those of us that don’t probably still wish there was a way to cut that time in half. We’re working women for Chanel’s sake, we’ve got bread to win.

If only there were five miracle products that were consistent, reliable, and work-proof. If only there was a combo that doesn’t take precious morning minutes to apply, but also doesn’t stain your face when you rub your eyes with stress when the IT assistant can’t load your presentation in front of a full board room. If only there was an efficient way to keep it all looking professional.

If only.

Luckily, where there’s a will there’s a way. Having perfected the art of applying office-worthy makeup while in peak hour-paced motion, I can confirm that all you need for a seamless workday are five uncomplicated products.

Base: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

This gel-based tinted moisturiser is so lightweight and smooth it melts magically into your face. Designed to mimic your natural skin, this product enhances what’s already there rather than covering it up. Apply this gel with your fingers and keep adding layers for more coverage depending on the day. Get ready to look luminous.

Cheeks: Kosås Colour & Light Creme Duo

This duo cream pack contains one side blush and one side illuminator, which can be used independently or by blending the two together. Apply the desired blush-illuminator combination to your cheeks, paying particular attention to the upper cheekbones. The ensuing healthy glow and glossy cheeks can be achieved as quickly as it takes a traffic light sequence to change.

Eyelids: Mecca Max Zoom Shadow Stick

Apply this cream shadow stick back and forth across your lids. You can be as messy as you like because step two is smearing it sideways to diffuse the edges. The colour sets straight away, ensuring your smoky eye lasts all day without smudging or fading.

Eyelashes: Kevyn Aucoin Mascara

The dreaded 2pm panda eyes are hereby banished, as are the black streaks seeping down your cheeks after a power walk to the coffee machine. This mascara is a tubing formula, meaning it wraps each lash in product rather than sitting on the surface. It won’t move or smudge until washed with warm water and gently tugged, eliminating the need for reapplication later in the day. This mascara comes with two wand options: volume and curling.

Lips: Mecca Cosmetica Tinted Lip De-Luscious

Lastly, you need one final touch to pull everything together. This hydrating balm is SPF25+, ensuring lips are protected as well as plump and hydrated. Choose between clear, nude or deep rose and smear as desired.

Reading this would have taken you approximately five times longer than it would to actually do it all.

Now go forth, my time-efficient friends. Rejoice!

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