This beauty brand tackles skincare from the inside out

Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Treat your skin from within.

New to the skincare supplement scene is beauty brand Intrametica, which offers a range of ethically-sourced and formulated products.

To keep you healthy from the inside out, Intrametica offers evidence-based organic botanical wholefood powders, packed with organic ingredients, that target various skin concerns. All you have to do is add them to water or smoothies, and you’ll be reaping all the dreamy skincare benefits.  

Included in the mix is the Collagen Ultimate +, which promises to improve skin texture, plumpen skin and tighten pores. As well, find the Purify Body Cleanse which supports detoxification and promotes glowing skin from within and the Toned Protein Boost – a smoothie enhancer to curb cravings and enhance your diet.

Each powder has been formulated by naturopath Angela Maree Smith who’s selected evidence-based ingredients that promise a potent and powerful effect, with every aspect of the brand meeting strict criteria. All ingredients have been clinically proven and formulas come in three organic flavours.

Check out the range online for your dose of daily beauty.


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