Nickelodeon has released a ’90s audio cassette eyeshadow palette

Nickelodeon eyeshadow palette

Words by Tara Smith


Remember the golden days when the hardest part of your day was choosing between Rugrats and Hey Arnold on TV? Same.

Nickelodeon is tapping into that nostalgia by releasing a ’90s eyeshadow palette, arriving in the form of a neon orange cassette tape, no less.

The palette features 10 bright shades, all wrapped up in packaging decorated with all your favourite ’90s pals. Think along the lines of Rugrats, CatDog, Rocko’s Modern Life, Hey Arnold and more.

You can also expect excellent eyeshadow names, including ‘Football head’, ‘Rawr’ and ‘Smashing’.

The Nickelodeon palette is currently sold out at Hot Topic, but fingers crossed it’s back in stock soon.


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