Paris Hilton continues world domination by launching a skincare line

Images via Paris Hilton Skincare
Words by Eve Oswald

Bow down.

The OG influencer Paris Hilton has been a busy lady since The Simple Life. She’s launched a questionable music career, a clothing collection, and now a skincare range.

Named Pro D.N.A, the line includes a cleansing gel, serum, face cream and eye-lifting cream.

In a very un-Paris like move, she’s opted for a more minimal approach to the packaging. Think matte black and rose gold – slightly more refined than the pink bedazzled goods we’re used to.

According to a press release, Paris has been working with ‘world-renowned chemists and biologists’ to develop the skincare range. It’s infused with innovative enzymes sourced from marine microalgae and designed to repair damage from the sun.

With a reported two-hour skincare routine every single day, we assume she knows her stuff. Get skin like the socialite by heading here.


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