Road Test: I tried lash botox


Throw away your eyelash curler.

Much to the dismay of my partner sleeping next to me, I’m one of those people who sets five to six alarms each morning and snoozes each one until I’m met with a symphony of non-stop ringing that finally forces me out of bed. Because of this, rather than leisurely enjoying a cup of coffee as the sun rises, my morning routine tends to be fairly chaotic and rushed.

Yet no matter how late I might be running, I still find time to put on some moisturiser, fill in my eyebrows, and curl my eyelashes. On a weekday morning, I can usually be found walking around the house with one hand clamped down on my lash curler, and the other trying to pack my bag.

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After scrolling mindlessly on Instagram’s explore page one night, I came across Melbourne-based salon, Brow House, and was immediately captivated by its feed of feathered eyebrows and thick, long lashes. I wondered whether their beauty treatments would be useful in cutting down time in my morning routine.

Founded by Jaymee McGowan in 2019, Brow House specialises in brow and lash treatments, with Jaymee being one of the first beauticians to popularise the eyebrow lamination treatment in Australia.

Though I was somewhat familiar with the treatment also referred to as an ‘eyebrow’ perm, I had never heard of ‘lash botox’ before. Intrigued, and picturing many more rushed mornings ahead of me, I decided to get in touch with Jaymee so I could try it out for myself.

What is it?

Unlike its name might suggest, lash botox doesn’t involve any needles, nor will it help smooth over fine lines and wrinkles. Instead, it can be thought of as an upgrade to your standard lash lift.


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The process involves a lifting and setting agent, as well as silicone rods that lift and curl your lashes. However, unlike a lash lift, the treatment is infused with a nourishing keratin mask. “[Lash botox] contains ingredients such as keratin, amino acids and argan oil, which help to grow, thicken and protect your lashes,” Jaymee explains.

Coupled with an eyelash tint for extra volume, the entire process takes about one hour, which you can spend comfortably sitting back with your eyes closed.

Is it popular?

With no upkeep required and results lasting from eight to 10 weeks, lash botox has quickly become one of Brow House’s most in-demand services. The keratin treatment and ingredients strengthen and condition lashes, promoting growth and overall thickness.

“Lash Botox is so popular because the results are crazy,” Jaymee tells me. “Even the shortest, stumpiest lashes are transformed with the treatment.” In fact, if you’re wanting to book in and experience it yourself, you’ll likely need to do so at least a month in advance.

My experience


When I arrived at Brow House’s newly renovated studio space in Richmond, I was greeted by Ally, who led me into one of their treatment rooms. While I sat back in the chair, Ally cleansed my eyelids and placed a soft pad over my eyes. Once she applied the lifting serum, Ally individually combed out each eyelash over a rod and let the treatment sit.

I noted to Ally that I have slightly sensitive eyes, and she checked in with me throughout the process to ensure I wasn’t experiencing any stinging or irritation. After a little while, Ally then applied the keratin treatment over my eyelashes. With music going and the scent of Glasshouse’s Tahaa candle wafting in, I was in a total state of relaxation.

Ally held up a mirror once it was finished and I was in shock at the noticeable difference in my eyelashes. It was hard to believe that the length and thickness hadn’t come from a tube of mascara – they were dark and voluminous, and I could feel them hitting the top of my eyelids as I blinked.

The only instruction Ally gave me was to avoid wetting them for 24 hours so they had time to set. The treatment also doesn’t require any aftercare, though Ally advised me that if I had an argan or hair oil at home, I could intermittently dab some onto my eyelashes to increase hydration.

Would I do it again?


One hundred per cent yes. Not only was the lash botox experience pain-free and relaxing, but the results are well worth it. I definitely couldn’t recreate this at home, and it has saved me valuable time in my frantic morning routine.

I often find it hard to justify the time and money involved in booking myself beauty treatments, but the experience of going into a salon, laying back and indulging in a little TLC felt like a nice pause in my otherwise busy week. Considering the results last so long, I can definitely see myself throwing my curler out and making a quarterly booking.

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