Trying three products from new sustainable Australian skincare brand, Foile


Test driving the new local skincare label.

As someone with combination skin, a new season means a drastic change in my complexion. While my face is Sahara desert-dry and flaky in winter, summer brings an everlasting oil slick to the surface of my skin. Picking the right beauty products is difficult at the best of times – particularly when you require two entirely different skincare routines.

No, it’s not the worst of skin issues (I was a teenager once too), but it does mean I rarely switch my products up. Getting the right balance is difficult and once I find a seasonal routine my face likes, I stick with it. As a skincare and beauty junkie, I had to put an end to my vicious cycle of buying, using once and storing at the back of my cabinet – for the most part. I’m only human!

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Sydney-based sustainable skincare brand Foile was my most recent exception to the rule. To begin with, it was the packaging (of course). The glossy green and blue bottles are adorable, refillable and a little alien-like, which was a selling point. I imagine intergalactic skincare is quite advanced. And the Mushy gua sha (which I haven’t tried yet, but will be) is truly what my dreams are made of.

Looking beyond the otherworldly packaging, Foile states it’s all about sustainable, multi-use and predominately Australian-made ingredients. Free from the nasty stuff (parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, etc), Foile’s ‘clean beauty’ ethos means its products are uncomplicated and easy to add to your routine. To trial these claims on my combination skin, I put three of its most popular products to the test.

Daily Jelly moisturiser


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To start us off, this was probably the favourite of the products I tried. This moisturiser is very lightweight and you only need a little – two or three pumps for your face and neck – as it glides super easily over the skin. The key ingredients are snow mushroom, Australian rosella and prickly pear seed, which help with hydration and renewal.

I loved how beautifully light and cooling this felt on my skin (ideal summer moisturiser), while still providing a noticeable surge of moisture. It was almost primer-like in the way it sat on the skin, which made it amazing under my everyday makeup. There’s not much of a fragrance to these products (which I like), just a slight botanical scent.

My only qualm is the lack of SPF, particularly in the summer heat. I’m yet to try this in winter, but I think it would need a thicker formulation layered on top for dry patches. And a random note – this works wonders on a puffy hungover face. Not that I would know.

Skin Sponge serum


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While this provides slightly less moisture, it’s lovely on the plumping and awakening front. Again, it’s very lightweight, cooling and smooth on the skin. The key ingredients are kelp, horseradish root and cucumber oil, all of which I was unfamiliar with but really enjoyed.

When applied after cleansing, this serum sinks into your skin really quickly (good for those who hate that sticky product feeling), providing an eventual build-up of glow. If you had to buy one, I’d go for the moisturiser because it’s similar and slightly more hydrating – but this is worth the purchase too.

Milky Emulsion cleanser


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I love a microexfoliating moment. Anything too harsh feels really abrasive and rough on my skin, so the smaller, the better. In conjunction with meadowfoam (a kind of plant oil), gotu kola (a medicinal herb) and matcha, rice powder is the light exfoliating ingredient in this Milky Emulsion cleanser. Once you apply and rub it in, the product ‘emulsifies‘, fusing the tiny beads into a lovely, smooth formula.

With its properties listed as ‘regenerating, gently exfoliating and strengthening’, this might not be effective on a breakout-prone face but works for me. I alternate between this and my Cerave (I don’t like to exfoliate every day) and it’s been helping with smoothing and evening my skintone. If you want to try all three of the products mentioned, I recommend trying the Daily Routine set.

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