Talking scents with Australia’s premier perfume destination, Lore Perfumery

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High note.

A spritz of perfume as we’re getting ready has been part and parcel of our routines for hundreds of years. But when an action becomes so ingrained in our lives, we often forget to consider its importance.

For many, our first bottle of perfume comes not from personal choice, but a gift from someone who usually doesn’t know us all too well. Yet we wear it every day because it’s there and we don’t want to let it go to waste.

We’re of the firm belief that finding your perfect fragrance should be a rite of passage. After all, your scent is something that’s uniquely you. So why do we tend to accept a one-smell-fits-all mentality?

With speciality stores, like Fitzroy’s Lore Perfumery, taking residence in our cities, we’re thankfully seeing a shift back towards unique and high-quality scents of days gone by. “People are no longer satisfied with cheap, synthetic or boring perfumes (even the department store classics are tiresome),” explains co-owner Jessica Tate. “More and more customers are coming to our store to find a scent that’s really special — whether it’s a head-turning power fragrance or a subtle velvety aura to sweeten their day.”

“Take, for example, our new signature body care range [pictured above] — we’ve spent years listening to our customers’ needs, and so the unique scent, texture and features are spot on,” adds business partner Jade McAndrew. “People don’t want just a pretty bottle, they want products that make them feel amazing.”

With a range of over 500 international and boutique perfumes curated by Lore’s experts, the team knows a thing or two about what we should be looking for when in search of a new scent.

“Our olfactory memory is our closest sensory faculty to our brain,” explains Jessica. “Different smells will trigger so many memories and emotions — and it’s different for everyone. We prefer to talk in-depth with each customer about what they like, rather than simply promote the best-selling perfumes.”

More simply, it’s time to disregard the fancy bottle and designer brand name, and start thinking about how the scent really makes us feel.


Mihan Aromatics Mikado Bark $190

This scent is inspired by an autumn afternoon in Melbourne’s Edinburgh Gardens. Spray generously, and you’ll be transported to a happy place, surrounded by fallen leaves.

Costume National So Nude $199

Influenced by the smell of skin on skin, So Nude from iconic design house Costume National is a sexy and earthy scent. This one’s as sensual as it gets.

Orto Parisi Seminalis $286

Think of Orto Parisi Seminalis like a manmade pheromone – it’s designed to spark chemistry between the sexes and is smooth and woody with a soft sweetness. You could say it’s hard to resist.

Andrea Maack Coven $187

Coven is inspired by Andrea Maack’s childhood love of the supernatural world. Think dark, mysterious forests, rich soil and lush metallic notes. In one word: mystical.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Mirabilis $299

With a top note of incense, heart notes of ambrox and base notes of musk, Mirabilis presents an intriguing scent combination. The presence of synthetic molecules brings a futuristic vibe, while the incense transports the wearer to a sacred world of mysterious rituals.


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 188. You can read it here.

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