Embrace your mane with the help of this online store dedicated to curly hair

Image via @thugxurious
Words by Veronica Stanford

Helping others embrace their natural curls.

Despite having lived with it for close to 25 years, I still don’t get my curly hair.

Like many people with curls, I’ve gone through dry cuts, V-shaped layering, hairdressers who try to use the blow dryer and repeated cycles of false hope every time I buy a new hair product.

Realising that others have gone through similar ordeals, friends Ramza and Toks started up Saint Curl. The online store is a destination for all things curls, providing products and advice specifically catered to those with curly hair.

With the aim to help others embrace their curls, the duo has packed the website full of handy information about various hair types, as well as quizzes and interviews with curly-haired women, like stylist Nadia Roosens (pictured).

The store’s product offering has been carefully curated, with a selection of cleansers, conditioners, oils and moisturises, microfibre towels, combs and more. 

Check it out here.


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