Chakra soaps have arrived to cleanse your mind, body and soul

Images via Odisya
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Next level self-care.

If you’ve been feeling out of whack recently, it might be worth giving your chakras a little TLC.

Aussie brand Odisya is selling a set of seven soaps dedicated to cleansing and realigning people’s chakras.

Each bar of soap is handmade, 100 per cent vegan and combines carefully chosen fragrances with an embedded crystal stone.

As well as looking and smelling great, the soaps are designed to tap into the energy and helpful effects of each stone to keep you feeling your best.

The set will take care of your whole body, from the root chakra (red jasper and cinnamon) to the crown chakra (clear quartz and coconut).

You can get your own Essential Chakra Kit online now.


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