Do you need to be vaxxed to go to a beauty appointment?


About time for a pamper.

I can’t be the only person who’s been daydreaming about sitting in a hairdresser’s salon with a plastic black cape enveloping me from the neck down, the smell of shampoo wafting through the air and a juicy stack of magazines in front of me. Should I get a hobby? Probably.

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I digress. Lengthy lockdowns across Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT have meant hairdressers, spas, and nail, hair removal and beauty salons have been closed for months. They’ve also meant questionable home haircuts, botched manicures and dodgy DIY eyebrow jobs are plentiful across eastern Australia.

But fear not my salon-deprived friends, because beauty appointments are becoming available once again.

When will salons and spas open in NSW, Victoria and the ACT?

Good news for NSW residents – you can get your beauty fix as of this week if you are fully vaccinated. It’s probably best to book ahead though, because businesses are limited to five customers max. However, once the state gets to 80% double vaxxed, there’s no limit on the number of customers so long as the business adheres to the one person per four square metres rule. 

When Victoria hits 70% of its population double vaccinated, businesses like hairdressers and beauty salons can reopen with up to five customers in Melbourne (they’re already open in regional Victoria with a 10-person cap). Once the state reaches 80% double vaxxed, the caps on customers are dramatically increased to 150 people.

As for the ACT, personal services are open from October 15 for up to five people in any business. But from October 29, businesses can have 25 customers or more if they have the space to accommodate the one person per four square metres rule.

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend?

Yes. Current restrictions in NSW and Victoria mean that hair and beauty services are only available for those who are fully vaccinated. 

But, in the ACT and the rest of the country, it’s not required that customers are fully vaccinated.

Will they check proof of vaccination?

Yes, in NSW and Victoria. The Victorian government is still working out how they want people to show proof they’ve been fully vaccinated when hair and beauty salons open, but we’ll know soon.

In NSW, you can show evidence of your jab through your online immunisation history statement, your COVID-19 digital certificate from the Australian Immunisation Register, or a medical clearance statement if you’re medically exempt from being vaccinated. If you refuse to provide proof, businesses can deny you entry.

The ACT is a bit different. The territory’s government hasn’t made it mandatory for businesses to ask for vaccine proof from their customers, but businesses can make it a condition of entry – so double check if you’re heading out for an appointment.

What if I’ve only had one dose?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait before you can chop off your hair or get your lashes tinted in NSW and Victoria. In the ACT, however, you can attend appointments even if you’re not vaccinated.

What about mask-wearing?

Mask wearing indoors is still de rigueur in all three states where restrictions are slowly easing, and will be for at least the next few months. But hey, you won’t even notice that there’s a mask on your face when you’re zoned out during a head massage with your hairdresser.

To find out more about the national roadmap for reopening, go here.

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