11 pairs of socks that will make you happy to not be wearing shoes


Time to upgrade that subpar sock collection.

I have a stupid amount of clothes. The kind of ridiculous stash that is totally excessive, but every time I consider cutting down it feels like I’m surgically removing a rib with no anaesthetic.

But given the state of the world, and the absence of occasions to wear extravagant outfits, I have been forced to accept that I own very few practical things. Overnight my shoe collection has become virtually redundant, and it’s forced me to face the fact that my socks are subpar. 

Loungewear is essentially our WFH uniform now. But despite our wardrobe constraints, we do have some authority over how we spend these coming weeks, and how we feel doing it.

Whether you’re the kind of person disguising your pyjamas beneath a blazer for a Zoom conference call, or you’re more into getting dolled up for your weekly walk to Woolworths, I suggest investing in some premium socks. Here’s a shortlist of the best socks on offer, ranging from cosy to chic.

Nishiguchi Kutsushita Boston Wool Cotton Slab Sock

These old-school rib weave socks speak for themselves. Made in Japan from a wool and cotton blend, they’re available in four natural-tone colourways. Perfect curling up with a book and a cup of earl grey.

Get them here

Need Supply N/A Socks

Tie-dye feels reminiscent of the better parts of 2019. These understated and versatile socks are perfect to throw on with any casual look to feel a bit more fashion-forward.

Get them here.

The Elder Statesman Yosemite Striped Cashmere Socks

I’m convinced that when they were designing these, the brief was ‘Footy socks, but make it fashion’, and I’m all about it. With a nostalgic colour scape of maroon with marigold stripes, these are very ’60s-hiker in the best way possible. 

Get them here.

Dior White Socks with Dior and Daniel Arsham Newspaper Print 

These are essentially the 2020 sock equivalent of the Dior newspaper dress from Sex and the City (you know the one) and I expect you to be as into it as I am. I’m confident Carrie would approve.

Get them here.

Prada Lisle Cotton Socks

This classic, mid-calf style with a simple stripe motif is perfect for dressing up with heels or down with sneakers, or even paired with your favourite dressing gown for a refined living room look.

Get them here.

Darner Red Ribbed Velvet Sock

Talk about a power move. These swoon-worthy ribbed velvet socks are everything. Not gonna lie, I would probably trade my firstborn for a lifetime supply of Darner socks.

Get them here.

Tailored Union Guépard Crimson-Teal 

Maybe, like the rest of us, you’ve just finished binge-watching Tiger King and your current style icon is low-key Carole Baskin? This more tasteful take on a big cat print is probably exactly what you’re looking for.

Get them here.

Urban Outfitters Goku Crew Sock 

I admit these are a bit of a wild card, but they were too good to omit. They’re lavender-purple with a Dragon Ball Z graphic on the ankle – much like pineapple on pizza, they’re either totally your thing, or just utterly not.

Get them here.

Birkenstock Cotton Slub Women

Birkenstocks are the ultimate sandal to pair with socks, so of course, Birkenstock has its own range of cute, durable and cosy socks. 

Get them here.

UNIQLO Men Colourful50 Socks

Not only are these cheap and comfy as hell, you have about as many colour options as you would in a paint shop. The perfect socks to work into your casual-dad look. [Ed. note: These are the MVP in my sock drawer. There truly is no better quality sock at this price point, and the range of colours is excellent. Cannot recommend enough.]

Get them here.

Darner Solid Mint Mesh Socks

These babies go against everything I thought socks could be. I never thought I’d refer to a pair of socks as showstoppers, but there’s a first time for everything. These structured mint mesh socks speak for themselves, really.

Get them here.

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