Sorry, but I kinda want to dress like Carole Baskin


Big cat crusader, but make it fashion.

If you’ve behaved like the other 99 per cent of the human population this week, you’ve likely been pulled into the bizarre new documentary series that is Tiger King.

The series proves the mantra that truth is stranger than fiction as it follows three leaders of big cat enclosures – a form of privatised zoo legal in the US – and dives into the underworld and tensions of big cat breeding.

It’s a legitimate cocktail of biting themes screaming to be discussed and so, it’s earned the world’s undivided attention in a very short time frame. Internet think pieces are popping up by the hour, analysing the series’ portrayal of southern queerness, its discussion of animal mistreatment, glimpses of polyamory, incorrect representation of a transgender person and subversive yet obvious misogyny

As you can probably guess, the key figures are all their own breed of eccentric. Lead character Joe Exotic is particularly bizarre as he manoeuvres himself to become the centre of his own reality TV show, while simultaneously launching a questionable country music career (??).

But this is only a peripheral storyline. The crux of the series comes as it asks the question, what happened to big cat enclosure owner Don Lewis?

Yet with all that’s going on in the series, what most caught my attention was documentary villain Carole Baskin. Or, more specifically, her wardrobe.

From episode one, we sidle into Carole’s walk-in wardrobe, revealing that she only ever wears clothing with big cat prints.

As I watched the series unfold, I couldn’t help but be drawn to her commitment to animal prints. And while her particular style of dressing I don’t necessarily love, the sentiment I agree with. And now I kind of want to wear only big cat prints too.

I hate to spotlight a woman accused of family violence and someone who has had to publicly defend herself against accusations that she put her husband in a meat grinder and feed him to her pet tigers, but can we please be clear that I’m not trying to glamorise Carole Baskin. Instead, I’m simply trying to highlight the enduring popularity of animal prints.

These The Attico boots

To those who prefer to dive into a trend than simply dip their toe, please start with The Attico. Pretty much everything the label is serving up at the moment is gold, and its offering of animal prints is more than solid. These boots are my personal favourites, but other highlights include these zebra print slingbacks, this party mini and this pair of jeans.

Or get the boots here.

Oh, and this The Attico top and skirt combo

As above.

Find everything else Attico here.

Everything from Ganni

Shortly trailing Attico as a pioneer of animal print dressing is Danish label, Ganni. Its offering of big cat prints is fierce (ha) and ranges from super cute minis, to ’90s sexy blouses and skirts, to this very practical raincoat.

Just start here and see where it takes you.

This Nanushka turtleneck

The ideal layering piece, no? It’s a little more exciting than a plain black skivvy and for now at least, it’s an easy one for around the house. This with a pair of knitted woollen trackies is all I want to be wearing during iso.

Get it here.

These Amina Muaddi mules

These unbelievable calf hair mules were short-lived, available as part of Amina Muaddi’s exclusive capsule collection for MyTheresa.

In the hopes that they come back, you can join the waitlist here.

This Sandy Liang jacket

This textural piece is a nice addition as we dive further into comfort wear and a signature style for the Sandy Liang brand. This version has a tasteful touch of leopard print for those days when you’re only feeling a little bit Carole, and don’t want to go all out.

Get it here.

This R13 reversible bucket hat

Admittedly, we are all stuck indoors. But that shouldn’t stop you investing in a sorely overpriced bucket hat for when we come out the other side? It’s $412 on Farfetch right now.

If you’re as extravagant as Joe Exotic, pick it up here.

This Moncler coat

Anyone who’s had their eyes open will know that Moncler is on fire with its outerwear at the moment. If you’re to invest in a puffer, best make it a Moncler one. And if you’re to invest in a Moncler puffer, best make it this one. Also at this point, it’s worth noting that I am aware a zebra isn’t exactly a big cat, but roll with it, please.

Get it here.

This Saks Potts coat

For the person who prefers their big cat prints to be a bit less ‘obvious’, this Saks Potts coat is at your service. The abstract zebra print is a little less in your face, and lets the oversized fur collar and cuffs do all the talking. It’s also made from buttery-soft lamb leather and fox fur, which will make vegans shudder and potentially Carole Baskin, depending on who you ask.

Get it here.

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