Our new favourite Instagram model is this 84-year-old Japanese grandfather

Image via @slvr.tty/Instagram
Words by Nicole La Ruffa

I’ma take your grandpa’s style

If your Instagram is lacking premium fashion content, we may have found the account to follow.

Another Insta model has arrived on the platform, showcasing some pretty fresh ensembles. The inspo comes from Tetsuya, an 84-year-old grandpa from Japan, and he’s teaching us a thing or two about style.

The photography and styling is courtesy of Tetsuya’s grandson, Naoya Kudo, who decided to dress his Granddad in his own clothes while visiting home.

What followed was a dazzling photoshoot, complete with location and outfit changes. According to Buzzfeed news, the locations were chosen purposefully, and all withhold significance to Tetsuya and his family. One particular image was captured at the school where he had served as principal, while others included fields and beaches around the family home.

The Insta account, which Kudo runs for his grandfather, continues to chronicle his style journey. Currently, the account boasts 100k followers, which is a pretty impressive feat considering it was created in May.

In terms of his next move, Kudo told Buzzfeed that he would like to curate an album or photo exhibition for his granddad’s fashions. For now, we’ll just continue to scroll through his OOTD’s.


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