Iconic ’90s label Guess has dropped its summer collection, and woah boy


Full of micro crops, knitted fabric, figure-hugging body con pieces.

The ’90s brought us some seminal fashion moments. There was Cher’s plaid skirt suit (with the all-important matching bubblegum) in Clueless, that deservedly came to symbolise every teenage girl’s fashion aspirations.

There were the bold, tummy-baring crop tops popularised by stars like Britney Spears, who took the VMAs by storm as MTV first appeared on our screens. And who could forget the platform boots and sequinned get-ups of the endlessly fabulous Spice Girls. Last but not least, there’s the upside-down triangle logo of iconic fashion brand Guess, which became synonymous with the ’90s aesthetic.

Established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, Guess makes functional and stylish denim wear and fashion that fuses European glamour with the Southern Californian aesthetic.

Timeless and effortlessly casual-chic, Guess is a testament to the story of the Marciano brothers, who left the South of France for California to establish their now global fashion brand. With recent campaigns fronted by none other than Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid, Guess remains relevant to this day with its sexy, stylish and adventurous attire.

This summer, Guess is bringing us a new range of micro crop tops and figure-hugging body con pieces in earthy tones and a mix of animal prints. Inspired by an ‘Electric Jungle’ theme, it’s all very Sex and the City, and will have you ready to prance around sipping on cocktails after being caged up in lockdown all winter.

The Kalani Crop Top is ideal for a simple, form-fitting summer look, especially when paired with the Kalani Thigh Slit Skirt. Available in three colourways, the Moon Dust Heather and Bright Green are ideal for a fun daytime outfit, while the Root Beer is a darker tone suitable for a night out.

Another favourite in the collection is the Lara Mini Dress in Jungle Cat Rust, as well as the Boom Boom Graphic Tee, which has a grunge-y feel and hints at the brand’s ’90s roots.

Nineties fashion was all about unapologetically short crops, animal prints and proudly flouting your body in tight-fitting attire. It was the era of girl power, sitcoms (are you really a ’90s kid if you didn’t binge-watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Friends?), and the last Instagram-free generation, and it’s all making a comeback 30 years later.

The 2020 summer collection by Guess is both a nostalgic throwback to the era and an evolution of its iconic branding, which is a welcome reminder of the brand’s ability to endlessly reinvent and adapt itself.

The Guess Summer 2020 Women’s range is now available in Guess stores across the country, or shop online here.


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