A new documentary about Bill Cunningham narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker is coming

Words by Fashion Journal


The famous street photographer has been revitalised again with a new documentary, The Times of Bill Cunningham, which premiered at New York Film Festival in 2018.

The new feature will chronicle his upbringing, the four decades Cunningham worked at The New York Times and the time he served in the Korean War.

An unfinished memoir was discovered in Cunningham’s house last year among possessions he left behind after his death in 2016. This new documentary will add to the times described in this autobiography, focusing on an entirely different part of his life and career than the successful 2010 documentary, Bill Cunningham: New York, directed by Richard Press.

Hundreds of Cunningham’s unpublicised early photographs comprise the film’s visuals alongside an interview from 1994.

You’ll have to keep your eyes glued to streaming service updates as the film has not yet secured distribution in Austalia. It’s due to hit cinemas in North America in February 2020.

In the meantime, watch the trailer below. It’ll put a smile on your dial.

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