This giant Opening Ceremony tote is big enough to fit all my emotions

Words by Sasha Gattermayr

Not even novelty.

If there’s a more fitting place to shove all your 2019 anxieties than Opening Ceremony’s IKEA-style Super Large Tote, I would like to see it.

Please observe this champion carting her tote through a turnstile in a New York subway station and tell me that’s not you on your way to dispose of your distresses? It serves as a visual manifestation of the ancient Missy Higgins proverb: A triangle trying to squeeze through a circle, she tried to cut me so I’d fit; but instead it’s us, packing up everything that happened in the last ten years, shoving it into the patent leather bag and throwing it into the nearest quarry.


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The bag I’ll be securing in 2020 #bigbagenergy RG: @vfiles @openingceremony

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Maybe you’re more of a love-something-then-set-it-free person? That’s okay, this bag is large enough that you can coax all those emotions inside, take them to a peaceful place, open the zipper and let them run wild towards freedom.

The tote even comes in patent black, so if you and your emotions need to make a quick getaway, you can stow them inside and let them make an escape under the cover of the night.

Maybe you’re more inclined towards introversion and would prefer to carry all those fledgeling sentiments fastened to your side forever like a support animal?

Whatever the size or scope or attachment you have to your feelings, let this Super Large Tote be your therapist.

Find me a better way to cleanse my aura of not just a year, but a decade. I dare you.


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