A Spanish label has made wearable leather bin bags, because fashion


One man’s trash is another one’s treasure.

And if you’re Spanish fashion house BIIS, you’ll quite literally use garbage as inspo for saleable treasure.

BIIS has just released a range of leather bags, modelled on the black plastic lining of your kitchen bins.

It’s made to look exactly like household rubbish bags, complete with a yellow drawstring and scrunch detailing.
The only difference is that these are made from black Spanish napa leather and retail for a casual $632 AUD.

We’re wondering if the label has taken inspo from Verner’s trash bag from back in 2014 (which were slightly more affordable). At least BISS has recycled.

The bags are a part of the brand’s Litter range, which includes a lineup of fashion accessories that are inspired by other items you may find in a wheelie bin. We’re talking $200 sterling silver safety pins, soda tab bracelet charms and silver screws.

Your move, Balenciaga.


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