Aislinn Neave makes jewellery inspired by the cosmos

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley


For designer Aislinn Neave Mahady, making jewellery is in her blood.

Her line, Aislinn Neave, was inspired by her grandfather. Having worked as a diamond setter since he was 15, he now does most of the setting work on his granddaughter’s pieces.

The label’s goal is to stand out from the crowd and cater to people who are a little bit eccentric.

Because of this, Aislinn finds a lot of her inspiration from space. Rings take their shapes from stars and asteroids, while pendants are modelled after the texture of a full moon.

There’s always room for minimalism, however, and there’s enough variety in the Aislinn Neave range to suit all kinds of jewellery lovers.

Bespoke pieces are also on offer, allowing clients to work closely with the jeweller and guaranteeing a personalised, lasting piece they’ll love.


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