All the thoughts and emotions we had about *that* Timothée Chalamet outfit at the Venice Film Festival

A word from the Timmy Fan Club.

There was at least one audible gasp that interrupted our office yesterday afternoon. It came from Sophie, our Sales and Creative Campaigns lead, who covered her mouth with her hand in a genuine fluster.

We thought something major had happened, a professional epiphany.

“Sorry,” she said immediately when everyone swivelled their chairs around in concern. “But has anyone seen this?”

She beamed her phone around the office for every member of the team to see a picture of Timmy astride the red carpet in a Haider Ackermann suit. We think it’s a suit?

Henceforth, the FJ desk was a-buzz with musings on this daring concoction of silk and polished black leather. There was so much going and a lot we had to process. What follows is the stream-of-fashion-consciousness babble that ensued. It’s a random collection of thoughts and primal reactions we had to the outfit, but also what the outfit says about the man.

Sue us.

Maeve, Editorial Assistant
“Ooh, shiny! Why does this skinny little tin-man boy have the hair that I deserve?”

A colleague who has wisely chosen to remain anonymous
“I feel weird thinking that he’s hot. Not cause he’s not good looking, just because he’s a baby. He looks like Peter Pan in this outfit with the loose pants cropped at the boot. But Peter Pan never grew up, and that makes me feel weird. I think the outfit is fucking weird with the tucked in silk waist but it’s the right amount of odd. Actually no, I’m so into it.”

Sasha, Digital Editor
“THIS is fashion. The definition of bravery is to wear a buttonless, structured satin blouse underneath a silk jacket. I’m also really happy he seems to have grown out of that fuckboy streetwear thing he had going on at the beginning of his career. I’m also thoroughly impressed he and Lily-Rose Depp are still dating.”

Caleb, Digital Editor of Beat Magazine
“Apparently Lucas Hedges is the new Timothée Chalamet.” – Caleb, Digital Editor of Beat Magazine.

Sophie, Sales and Creative Campaigns (aforementioned)
“Upon reflection, the boot makes me feel uncomfortable. It’s a little Pirates of the Caribbean but I froth Jack Sparrow so I’m actually about it. Okay, I’m actually fine with the boot. Speaking of Jack Sparrow, can we chat about Lily-Rose?”

Kate, sub-editor of Beat Magazine.
“Is it a suit? Is it a matching silk pyjama and robe set? I don’t care, I’m 100% here for it and the snatched waistline.”

Anthony, Editorial Intern
“Love, love, love – but the man needed a steam press before he went outside.”

You deserve all your fame and glory Timmy, we are here to serve you and the complex emotions you evoke.

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