Anāme is a jewellery brand paying homage to pluriculturalism

Words by Mariah Papadopoulos

Bridging eras and continents.

Growing up in Australia, we have no shortage of opportunities to celebrate the multiculturalism and inclusivity we are known for.

But for those of us who have grown up straddling more than one culture, it’s often more difficult than it would seem to reconcile our two worlds into a single identity.

Photographer and creative director Camille Lý has launched an accessories brand which reflects her own experience of understanding her cultural heritage. Growing up between Vietnam and Europe, she struggled to find a balance between her upbringing in Europe, and her Southeast Asian roots.

“I always felt pressured to painfully choose between being European or Southeast Asian. It took me time and effort to realise that I could be both happy and celebrate each facet of my cultures without taking away from the others!”

It was this epiphany that led to the creation of her brand, Anāme. The label is not just about jewellery and scarves, but a medium for her to delve into her identity and honour her heritage. 

“With Anāme, I set on a path to create a visual journey, celebrating my roots and memories.”

The word Anāme is taken from the historical name of a Vietnamese region, An Nam, and at the same time, from the French phrase une âme, meaning ‘soul’.

The debut collection, L’Heritage, is all about coexistence and harmony. It takes inspiration from tropical flora and Chinese garden arrangements, expressed in line with minimalist trends in Asian and European architecture.

Using precious metal, ethically sourced semi-precious stones and enamel, the designs are intended to be modern heirlooms.

The Fantasie Tropicale collection is more youthful, a chance for Lý to reimagine long lost memories from Vietnam. It features a canna lily printed silk scarf, as well as lotus and gingko leaf earrings in gold vermeil.

The two collections are now available online.


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