The Amazon is burning, and the fashion industry is responsible

Words by Tess Macallan

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The deforestation happening in Brazil’s section of the Amazon rainforest right now is largely connected to making space for cattle pastures.

According to Fashion Revolution, cattle rangers in Brazil are supplying the same proportion of the world’s leather as they are beef. This is around 20% of the global supply.

The organisation aims to facilitate large-scale change around environmentally harmful processes in fashion production. It argues that the fashion industry must take responsibility for all the leather handbags, shoes and accessories contributing to the deforestation, calling for greater transparency around leather sourcing.

Some brands have already responded, with The North Face, Vans, and most recently H&M declaring a temporary ban on leather from Brazil.

Decisions from such large fashion retailers like these will have a wide impact on the issue. And as consumers, we need to continue to push for change. You can read up on the issue here.



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Brazil’s government are literally letting people set fire to The Amazon rainforest to deforest land to set up cattle farming. The earths lung which produces more than 20% of the worlds oxygen, more than half of the worlds 10 million plants, animals and insects all for what?! MONEY!! When the Notre Dame was burning, the media covered every single moment of it, the billionaires pledged to save it. But why is it that when an actual natural disaster waiting to happen is in plain sight we choose to ignore it? In Iceland they just had a funeral for a glacier that is no more. We are well and truly trying our best to ruin the planet we live on. Perhaps the sooner we’re off this planet the better. #AmazonFire #amazonrainforest #brazil #planet #savetheplanet

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