‘American Psycho’ writer says the fashion industry is ‘too inclusive’

Image via @BretEastonEllis/Twitter
Words by Sasha Gattermayr

Less than (size) zero.

Thank God we have Bret Easton Ellis to tell us how it really is. Said no one ever.

The controversial novelist has continued his career of hedonistic shock-jocking by penning an op-ed in Vogue Italia, which was picked up overnight.

“If everyone is beautiful then nobody is beautiful. But the groupthink of millennials doesn’t seem to realise this yet,” he said, after spending the opening four paragraphs describing the plot of his fashion-centric 1997 novel, Glamorama, which he self-describes as “epic”.

Ellis goes on to throw shade at the industry’s emphasis on diversity and size inclusion.

This is a world where the body positivity movement says all bodies are beautiful and if you don’t find a heavy-set woman or a plus-size model attractive, you are in fact body shaming her and need to be cancelled.”

“The inaccessibility and exclusivity of the fashion world was what made it so attractive and so alluring.”

No one asked you, Bret. The world probably doesn’t need any more exclusivity. 

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