ASOS introduces virtual reality models, changes online shopping forever

Illustration by TWYLAMAE
Words by Christina Karras

Like Clueless, but better.

2019 is proving to be the year where fashion and artificial intelligence collide. We’ve already seen AI influencer Lil Miquela take the internet by storm, and the sale of a digital dress that only exists online. 

Now, fashion giant ASOS is entering the world of augmented reality, announcing the launch of its virtual catwalk last week.

Through a new feature on the ASOS app, shoppers now have the ability to view potential purchases on a model as if they are walking in front of them.

All you have to do is point your smartphone camera at any flat surface, then hit the AR button on the product page to view your selected garment on a virtual runway.

The technology has been developed in partnership with London-based augmented reality firm, HoloMe. The test is part of ASOS’ ongoing experimentation with new technology.

Human simulation methods are being increasingly explored to counteract the problems faced by both retailers and consumers in purchasing clothes remotely. Considering ASOS is trialling further digital features such as an AI-driven fit assistant, the future of shopping may be literally at our fingertips.

You can try out the Virtual Catwalk feature out on the ASOS app using iOS 11.3 devices or later. 


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