Digital dress that only exists on the internet sells for $9,500

Image via @the_fab_ric_ant/Instagram

The future of fashion.

In a world where we barely bat an eye at digital influencers like Lil Miquela, it was only a matter of time before people started selling digital fashion.

Artist Johanna Jaskowska – creator of one of Instagram Stories’ most popular filters – is making history as the first person to design and sell a piece of clothing that exists solely on the internet.

Collaborating with Dapper Labs and digital fashion house The Fabricant, Jaskowska created a flowing, shiny dress dubbed Irridescence.

The process of creating digital clothing involves both traditional 2D pattern-cutting and 3D design software, giving life to the most realistic-looking pieces possible.

Jaskowska’s design was auctioned off at the Ethereal Summit in New York earlier this month, selling for over USD $9,500.

Wondering how someone buys a piece of clothing that doesn’t actually exist? So were we.

Turns out, what you’re buying is the opportunity to digitally ‘wear’ the garment on social media.

As the owner of a piece like Irridescence, you’re given a window of 20 days to send in a high-quality photo, allowing the designers to edit the dress onto your digital body.

And presto, you’ve got a fresh Instagram photo ready to be posted.

If brands like The Fabricant have anything to say about it, digital fashion will soon be a staple in the industry. So it might be time to start saving.


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