6 Australian creatives show us the outfit they feel the most powerful in

Words by Kate Streader

“I get to decide what people take in about my appearance.”

There is no denying that what you wear impacts how you feel. Take adages like, ‘dress for success’, or the more recent trend of ‘dopamine dressing’, for example – the right outfit can boost your confidence levels and have a huge effect on your mood and how you carry yourself.

Maybe you have a ‘lucky’ item of clothing, a go-to outfit for first dates or job interviews, or a particular ensemble that you reach for when you’re not feeling yourself and need an ego boost.

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Fashion is a means of expressing your inner self, but it certainly works both ways. We were curious to hear about the outfits that make other people feel strong, so we asked six Australian creatives to show us the outfit they feel most powerful in. Here’s what they said.

Tariq Junaid Ismat, model and content creator

I feel the most powerful in any outfit worn with a headscarf. We put so much pressure on how our hair looks that some days I wish I didn’t have any hair at all! By wearing a headscarf, I feel that the focus is more on me – I get to decide what people take in about my appearance.

It also feels special paying homage to my Pakistani culture and honouring the beautiful Muslim women I grew up with who taught me how to value myself as I am.


Tallulah Brown, model and content creator

God bless this mess. This handmade rosary charm top (@catholicguilt_clothing) is honestly my favourite. It makes me feel beyond powerful, like a medieval knight, then paired with my cheeky lil’ op shop find nightgown to add to the power I feel. Wearing this makes me feel like I’m unstoppable [and] gives me the holier than thou energy, kiss thy hand vibes. It is the ultimate God complex-inducing outfit. It’s the little details that count, and this is full of them.


Taneshia Atkinson, freelance writer

This fit makes me feel powerful because the trackpants are such a statement piece (and so comfortable)! They don’t just remind everyone we are on Aboriginal land, but they are a call to action: to honour, take care of Country and tread lightly.


Kaliana Evans, stylist

I feel most powerful in the clothes I find in my mum and grandparents’ wardrobes that are often long forgotten which I’m able to carry with me and give new life. This shirt, in particular, is my mum’s. It makes me proud of who I am as an Aboriginal person, proud of where I come from and my culture. My mum is my biggest role model and the strongest person I know… so I’m constantly inspired by her as I learn to navigate the world myself.


Dameila, DJ

I think there’s something hugely powerful in simplicity. Making something interesting out of nothing. It may not look like much, but from the earrings that my aunty made from nuts on her Country to the comfortable sandals that bring back memories of trekking the Himalayas, to my go-to pants every time I’m nervous about a gig, and a cute small top with a big important message (‘sovereignty has never been ceded’), I feel powerful and ready to tackle the world knowing I’m wearing reminders of my own strength and power.


Ella Taverner, Fashion Journal’s partnerships and campaign manager 

I’ve always been a big believer in the power of a good outfit. As a teenager, I spent a lot of time experimenting with clothing as a form of self-expression, ebbing and flowing between styles and aesthetics to find what felt the most ‘me’. I love a bright-coloured top or shirt pared back with something more neutral and, in this instance, something with structural interest.

I bought this top about a year ago after eyeing it off for a few months. It definitely wasn’t cheap, but it’s a piece I’ve worn time and time again that makes me feel great. 90 per cent of the time, you’ll find me wearing pants, so I feel extra powerful and confident when I change it up a little. I am very fond of this Karla Laidlaw skirt.

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