Dyspnea has released a range of ‘Slutty Granny Panties’


Words by Helena Bammant

Get your cutie patootie in these stat.

She’s 100 per cent cotton, high leg cut, dyed in dreamy pastels and has a cheeky backside – introducing Dyspnea’s latest lovechild the Slutty Granny Panties.

Yep, you heard right, Australian-based fashion label Dyspnea has released an extremely cute and very limited new line of underwear.

They come in eight different colours – Pussy Pink, Make Lemonade Lemon and Ho Ho Red to name a few – and there’s one to match every beaded bodice in the Dyspnea collection. 

Designed by Perth duo Jameen and Rachel, each pair has a little D embroidered on the upper left-hand side. There’s also cute detailing front and centre, which varies between a bow or a rose – think Kmart knickers you had as a six-year-old – and they have elasticised legs and waist.

They’re available in six sizes, XS up to XXL, so there’s room for everyone to join the pussy posse. The duo suggests sizing for comfort – upsizing when it’s that time of the month and downsizing when you’re feeling sexy.

Produced in Jameen’s island home in Bali Indonesia, Dyspnea’s sustainable and ethical practices just about outshine their sequined ballerina skirts. Working closely with a small team of Balinese women who specialise in hand beading, the pair work with a made to order method and ensure all samples are sold in Instagram sales.

All orders are shipped using compostable exterior packaging and reusable interior packaging which is almost as pretty as the panties.

Shop the Slutty Granny Panties and the rest of the Dyspnea range here.


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