Australian fashion people share what’s in their virtual carts this season

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Words by Samantha Hogan

Being nosy in the name of fashion.

If you’re like me, choosing an outfit for the day can be a strenuous undertaking. My style fluctuates more than the relationship status of a Hollywood starlet. Whether it’s influenced by my mood, the sun and the stars, or the latest Euphoria character I’m obsessed with, I couldn’t tell you.

It takes some real introspection to work out what I feel like throwing on sometimes. So when it comes to investing in a new garment, I can get existential. It takes time and often many open browsers to find pieces that work with your wardrobe. And when you’ve finally found the willowy oversized blouse of your dreams, it’s almost always sold out absolutely everywhere.

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When I face this styling block, it can be helpful to look for inspiration from those who know best. With this in mind, I spoke to some Australian fashion people about their current style, what’s in their virtual carts this season and how they go about putting outfits together.

Bianca Hunt, TV presenter and founder of Agnt Blak


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How would you describe your current style?

My current style is so wild and airy. As a typical Gemini, I like to change my look every day. But I guess my mates would know me for wearing bright and bold colours. My outfits could have a lot of designs on them or be simple and heavily accessorised. Although, I think this season, I have definitely moved to the brown tones and a fair bit of pink!

I feel like I manifest my ideal looks. It’s weird to say but I will have an idea in mind of what I’m looking for and will go shop by shop to see what I could combine or alter to make into my ideal outfit. I have not had one outfit where I’ve set the intention to find [it] and not found it.

What items are in your virtual cart right now?

Here are a few of my faves that I’ve had my eye on lately. A pair of Crocs – I don’t know why but I need a pair in my life, they look so comfy and could be a super fun addition to the outfits I wear! Gone are the days I will go out only wearing heels! Something spicy from Lounge. I find it hard getting underwear sets online so I’ve been looking over the different types, colours and versions to see which one suits. I think it’s important to invest in feeling strong, sexy and beautiful. This is definitely one way I find helps.

Also a Phurgus X Bysl Sleep Set. One of my new favourite people to follow is @victorialatu – she has some amazing style! When I saw this one pop up on my feed [I] automatically I wanted it. The best thing about sets is you can mix and match, dress up and dress down and change the look each time you wear it.


Michelle Bañares, digital creator


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How would you describe your current style?

I’d say my style is very much influenced by the locals in Copenhagen – men dressing with a touch of colour. Let’s just say @hommegirls and @ganni are constantly featured in my mood boards. If you don’t follow them on Instagram, give them a follow now.

When it comes to creating a new look, I’ll normally have a play around with it and try to make it as ‘ME’ as possible. For example, midi skirts. They’re a piece that I’ve incorporated into my wardrobe and am experimenting around with – I buy them second hand or vintage (which makes it more exciting) because they are normally printed or made from a fabric I don’t normally reach for. The first thing I’ll do is style the piece with a plain tee or tank and go from there.

What items are in your virtual cart right now?

I have this thing I do where I add items I’m loving into the cart and then once I’m satisfied with the amount in my shopping cart, I immediately close the tab (I technically bought it right?!). Does anyone else do this? Or is it just me? But if we talked about the items that are included in my cart then it would have to be Maison Margiela and all things Tabi.


Marni Visser, model


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How would you describe your current style?

My current style is loud but day to day it is utilitarian. I rarely carry a handbag anymore but if I do it’s my Telfar. I’ve been loving bright green lately so I got the Telfar shopper in green. My black Bottega Lug boots have become an everyday thing for me through summer.

I sometimes shop with a clear outfit in mind, sometimes just a vibe I am going for but getting dressed is never random. Usually, I have a few outfit changes before leaving. I also pick the trends that work for me and my style. I think that’s a mistake a lot of people make when styling themselves. Not every trend is going to work for everyone.

What items are in your virtual cart right now?

I have been eyeing some Daniel Lee Bottega pieces because it’s uncertain where the brand will head under [a] new direction. Daniel’s time there was so iconic and created such a distinct moment in fashion. I think it will be valuable in the future. I’ve also been loving Prada’s resurgence – a classic nylon is definitely in my virtual cart.


Chelsea Hickman, artist and fashion designer


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How would you describe your current style?

My style is usually always grunge but I’ve been experimenting with elevating it into a mod direction. I love a deconstructed look with exposed seams and frayed hems, but this summer I have been vibing oversized button-down shirts layered with a corset or bodice. If it’s nippy outside I’ll pair it with a lightweight blazer. I’m aiming for girlboss from the Creature from the Black Lagoon – swampcore chic.

I have a couple of staple items that I wear regardless of my outfit – a pair of kitten-heeled Tony Bianco mary janes I got ten years ago from the Spencer Street DFO, and a big statement tote bag. I got a great bomber-cross-blazer jacket from Salvos recently as well so I’m patiently waiting around for the weather to turn so I can really step into my faux-corporatecore era.

What items are in your virtual cart right now?

I have a few things in my ‘saved’ items on Depop. It’s a bit of a classic but I love a good pleated skirt/tennis skirt. I have my eye on a few matching suit listings as well. Coloured suits and textured suits are really tickling my interest at the moment. I’m hoping to save up this year to get a custom-made E Nolan suit – something that will fit me perfectly and last forever.


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