Australian fashion writers share what they’re currently saving up for


What are these writers saving their pennies for?

There’s something particularly special about the pieces we scrimp and save for, fantasising about the day they’ll join our wardrobes. As someone who writes about fashion for a living (and as such sees an abnormal amount of items I want to purchase), I’ve learnt to be selective about what I spend the big bucks on.

I recently bit a very expensive bullet and added an item to cart after saving for months: Marni’s iconic Fussbet sandals. I’ve been hankering after a pair for so long (literally years and years) that knowing they’re on their way to me in the mail feels a little bit surreal.

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Knowing other fashion writers, I’m aware that they too are a) always saving for something special and b) very firm in what they do and don’t like. And because I’m nosy – and can pass that nosiness off as ‘work’ – I asked 10 Australian fashion writers to share the items they’re currently saving up for.

Lucianne Tonti, sustainable fashion writer and researcher


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The painted shoreline silk cotton shirt by Sydney label Commas. It’s been on my mind ever since it opened their runway at Tamarama beach during fashion week last year. It was styled with a pair of speedos, some fisherman’s sandals and the model’s very tanned legs. The artwork was inspired by the modernist painter Milton Avery whose colour palette is beautiful – lots of soft pastels and soothing greens.

I love that Commas only work with natural fibres and make everything in Australia. I want this shirt oversized so I can wear it with tailored pants and mid-length silk skirts – to be totally honest, I want the matching short-shorts as well.


Ruby Staley, fashion writer and copywriter

I’ve been wanting to celebrate a successful first year of freelancing with a timeless investment piece, and this pre-owned monogram Louis Vuitton shoulder bag really does it for me. It’s been on my mind since spotting it on Farfetch’s handy pre-owned section months ago.

I love the Y2K silhouette and graffiti details that add a bit of an edge to an otherwise classic print. I can just see myself wanting to wear it every time I leave the house, whether that’s with a cute summer dress and kitten heels or relaxed jeans and a baby tee. I’m here for it.


Tariro Mukando, fashion writer, copywriter and social media consultant

I’m currently saving up for this Acne Studios jacket. I’ve been on the search for a shearling jacket for years and came across this one after missing out on a similar style from Scanlan Theodore earlier this year. I have so many hesitations about this jacket – notably because of the eye-watering price and the fact that I’ve never actually worn or owned a leather jacket before, but I know this one will look good.

I’ve watched plenty of try on videos on YouTube and have plans to visit the Acne Studios store in Sydney to try it on right before I take the plunge. I’m slowly transitioning my wardrobe to consist of staple, well-made basics that I can wear with everything and I can see this piece fitting seamlessly into my wardrobe.


Genevieve Phelan, fashion copywriter and Fashion Journal’s Lifestyle and Careers Columnist


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I can’t pinpoint one particular piece, but I’m saving my pennies for anything and everything E Nolan right now. I picked up my first-ever custom black suit from Emily a couple of days ago and am hankering to wear it, but now I’m busy looking for any excuse to sit in her dressing room/evil genius lair again.

It’s filled with brilliant shirts (like this painter’s style button-up, or a classic blue/white beauty) for beach or desk-wear and cute linen short-shorts. Emily’s weirdly beautiful new blowfly pendant is also keeping me up at night. I can’t stop thinking about it, so it’s only a matter of time.


Bianca O’Neill, fashion writer and Fashion Journal’s Senior Industry Columnist

My current wishlist is a single item long at the moment: I’ve been lusting after the Saint Laurent Metal Curb Chain Necklace for quite a while now. Its chunky chain style and men’s streetwear vibe has me popping in-store to gaze at it longingly every few weeks or so.

At an eye-watering $1020 for some lovely silvery neck candy, I haven’t been able to justify it quite yet… particularly because it’s not even real silver (!). But perhaps with Christmas coming up, I might treat myself? It seems like the perfect addition to a classic white tee, blazer and slouchy denim combo.


Emma Håkansson, fashion writer and founder of Collective Fashion Justice


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I’m saving for the matching forest green crew and tracksuit pant set from Aileisure at the moment! I’ve been looking for tracksuit pants that are ethically made, non-synthetic and made from sustainably certified plant fibres for so so long.

I’d started to think that those requirements meant nothing aesthetically pleasing was out there for me, until I found this Kiwi brand! They’re expensive but that’s because of these important credentials, and I’ll keep comfy in them for years and years to come.


Annie Carroll, fashion writer and founder of creative communications agency, In–Prose

Jacquemus is the master of cult, and his Le Carinu bag feels bang on for 2022. I love the proportions of this piece. The oversized strap feels just right for right now, while the actual bag is sleek, minimal and classic enough that it won’t date anytime soon.

It’s easy enough to sling over a trench coat for weekend errands, but swish enough for the parties of the hot-vaxxed-summer that awaits us. I’ll be buying it for myself, wrapping it and placing it under the Christmas tree as a gift for managing to not completely self-combust after the year we’ve just had. Definitely a moment worth saving for.


Hannah Cole, freelance writer and fashion publicist

2021 kickstarted my knitting journey. Thanks to the guidance of Cardigang, I created my own sumptuous jumper, and now I’m hooked on the craft. A friend introduced me to Northern Ireland-based Hope Macaulay, who designs and makes the most ingenious knitted pieces. They’re colourful, fun, and ultra-sexy (the new Hot Girl Summer look?). Now I only dream of her knit bralettes and bucket hats. I’ll get a matching coat for my pooch, too.

My trans-seasonal wardrobe needs reviving; this summer is looking too beige when I open the tired drawers. I love celebrating and supporting small makers and, after realising how hard it is to successfully go off-pattern, my appreciation for knitters like Hope has quadrupled. This little combo will be my look on repeat: something to boost the mood and capture a free and light-hearted spirit, worn simply with denim cut-offs and a whole lot of jewellery.


Izzy Wight, Fashion Journal’s Editorial Assistant


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For a woman who puts an alarming amount of thought into her outfits, I really let myself down in the accessory department. I’ve been carrying the same crusty calico tote bag around for the last year – it fits my laptop and a spare jacket – and it needs to end. I’m currently saving for a fun Coming of Age (COA) replacement in this incredible lime green and gingham colourway.

My very cool stylist friend introduced me to COA and I’ve had the silk taffeta mini totes bookmarked since. I certainly won’t be able to stuff an extra layer in there but that’s a problem for later. It’s an easy way to add some colour to my chronically neutral wardrobe and all COA products are sustainably handmade in New York. Who needs a spare jacket in summer anyway?


Christina Karras, fashion writer and copywriter

I’m usually more of a sneakers kind of gal, but after wearing PJs and my tattered Ugg slippers all lockdown, I’ve got the urge to dress up and buy a new pair of heels primed for knock-off drinks and Christmas parties. I’ve been lusting over a few incredible (and very expensive!) pairs from Amina Muaddi but I’ll be saving up forever before I actually buy them. So first I’ve got my sights set on these bright blue leather heels from Melbourne brand Alias Mae.

I came across them on Instagram and I’m obsessed with that vibrant colour for summer. I tend to go for quirky shoes that can liven up even a boring, all-black ensemble, but I’ve definitely neglected how a sexy pair of heels can transform any outfit, and these strappy sandals definitely fit the brief.


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