Melbourne label Arnsdorf has launched a rental service, here’s how it works



Rent. Return. Repeat.

Shopping can be an expensive hobby to indulge in and our desire to buy new clothes for every event or night out not only leaves our wallets worryingly empty – it’s disastrous for the environment.

This is why sustainable Australian fashion label Arnsdorf has opened its doors to customers looking to rent. Starting this month, a selection of the label’s timeless pieces will be available for rental, as part of its contribution to a more circular fashion economy.

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Whether the occasion is a casual day out or a special event, renting Arnsdorf’s carefully curated selection of pieces – ranging from classics like structured blazers and trousers to delicate dresses with unique silhouettes – is now an option.

Founded by designer Jade Sarita Arnott, Arnsdorf has set the bar for sustainable fashion in Australia, leading the way since its relaunch in 2016. With all garments designed, cut, sewn and finished in its Melbourne in-house atelier, the label is built on a foundation of ethical manufacturing and transparency.

With its expansion into the rental market, it hopes to make its luxury garments more accessible to a new audience of customers, allowing them to experience Arnsdorf’s quality tailoring and craftsmanship at a fraction of the price.


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Not only does the option to rent allow the label to tap into a new customer base, it encourages existing customers to partake in a more modern approach to their wardrobe, one that champions shared ownership and conscious consumption. Think of it as satisfying that desire for ‘newness’ while simultaneously reducing your fashion footprint (and saving your hard-earned pay).

Fashion rental has become increasingly popular and streamlined over the last few years. The impact this has had on the fashion industry has been twofold. Firstly, customers no longer prioritise ownership of an item as much as they used to, which has ushered in a new approach to dressing and wardrobe-building.

It minimises the chances of an expensive, last-minute purchase that leaves you filled with regret, and the transitory nature of renting items encourages us to explore brands and styles we usually might not.

Secondly, brands are cottoning on to our growing appetite for rental clothing and increasing the quality and longevity of their clothing accordingly. As renting becomes a more integrated part of people’s everyday lives, and not just for one-off events, the life span of garments is being extended, preventing overproduction and minimising fashion waste.

Let’s face it, how many times have you shelled out some serious money on an outfit that has only ever seen the light of day a handful of times? We own far more than we need or will ever use, but by renting, you get to be a part of the solution.

Alongside the Arnsdorf rental collection, which is powered by Rntr, there is a selection of rental companies, both at home and internationally, that are bringing a more refined approach (and less tacky formal dresses) to the market, like OpenClosit and Hurr.

Rent. Return. Repeat. It’s as simple as that. Not only do you get to shop better and spend less, but it’s convenient, fuss-free and an effective way to interrupt the relentless cycle of fast fashion.

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