Australian jeweller Holly Ryan has made a foray into engagement and wedding rings

Image via Holly Ryan

Words by Tori Mathison

Brb, getting hitched.

For the lovebugs among us, this pandemic has probably either bolstered your bond or broken your heart. While we’re all confined to our four walls and gruelling non-stop introspection, we’ve been forced to ask ourselves the hard questions, like, is this adult man sitting across the table eating Weet-Bix for breakfast the one for me? 

And just when I thought I had the answer, I was distracted by some disconcertingly pretty bridal bling. Right on time for some iso-impulsivity, Australian jewellery designer and sculptor Holly Ryan has released a collection of dangerously dreamy wedding and engagement rings. 

Celebrated for its eco ethos, Holly Ryan endeavours to minimise its environmental impact by using sustainable materials like recycled metal and ethically sourced stones. In the wake of releasing her first formal bridal collection online, Holly Ryan is also now welcoming custom jewellery enquiries on all wedding styles. 

You can shop the new collection online here.


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