Melbourne jewellery label Poms release new recycled and found jewellery collection

Image via Poms

Words by Tori Mathison

Bring on the beads.

I am the only adult woman I know who still collects shells and most people hate me for it. A quick stroll along the beach turns into a two-hour-long excavation mission to find the best shells the shoreline has to offer. 

For me, the Millefiori jewellery collection from Melbourne jewellery label Poms summons the same wave of nostalgia that I feel when looking at the colossal jar of shells on my dresser. 

Using vintage materials and inspired by sea glass, the collection is made up of glass beads embellished by intricate patterns and bright colours. Each item in the collection is unique and one of a kind, with the options of custom designs for some of the pieces on offer. 

An increasing number of Australian brands are actively looking to improve their sustainability efforts across the supply chain and Poms is no different. The collection is influenced by the concept of reusing and reworking past materials to reduce waste when creating new pieces. 

You can shop the new collection online here.


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