A growing list of Australia’s top menswear designers



Male-identifying fashion doesn’t need to be boring.

Long gone are the days where a patterned sock makes a man a flashy dresser (no shade, finance bros). Sometimes it seems that women get to have all the fun when it comes to fashion, but with so many incredible Australian designers creating eye-catching menswear looks, there’s no excuse for any gender to fade into the background.

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Whether you’re male identifying, have a penchant for androgynous style, or gravitate towards genderless dressing, here are the top Australian brands specialising in menswear. So next time your mate, uncle or colleague says injecting style into their wardrobe is “too hard”, you know where to point them.



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Just like its punctuation point namesake, Commas is all about taking a thoughtful pause. The purposeful Sydney-based resort and swimwear label prints original artwork onto quality fabrics, so it’s no surprise the brand has been recognised with countless awards.


Strateas Carlucci


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The androgynous-leaning Strateas Carlucci creates modern pieces that can be worn by any gender. Its experimental designs, contemporary sensibilities, and unorthodox stylings have made this Melbourne brand a celebrated industry player for over a decade.


Christian Kimber


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While your summer fling might not go the distance, your pieces from Christian Kimber definitely will. Founded in Melbourne in 2014 and artisanally handcrafted in Europe, this ethically minded brand creates time-transcending wardrobe staples that’ll look good on you, your brother, your dad, and your pop.


Joseph & James


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Bringing a sophisticated edge to streetwear, this Melbourne-based label features a range of timeless classics. Between knit crewnecks, foolproof tees and pleated trousers, Joseph & James has all the means to create a capsule wardrobe your twenty-something-year-old brother and sixty-something-year-old dad will both be raiding.




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Forgot to bring a change of clothes to your SOs? Better hope they have a wardrobe full of Nonplus. The genderless label offers a range of tailored unisex pieces, from vests to shirts and 3¼ trousers, that look just as good on your partner as they do on you.




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With a motto like “every day is shorts day”, it’s hard not to get behind a brand like Kerrin. Inspired by the Aussie outback and our country’s laidback lifestyle, this line of clean casualwear favours muted colours and simple silhouettes, making it easy to look effortlessly cool.


Solid Ochre


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An exploration of culture and connection to Country, Solid Ochre debuted at the 2022 PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival to much fanfare. The brand is the brainchild of Whadjuk Noongar man, Nathan McGuire, the driving force behind Mob in Fashion – an initiative to boost First Nations representation in the fashion industry.


Salt Murphy


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Crops, satin pants, sheer shirts and bodysuits, Salt Murphy offers the ultimate in fashion-forward self expression. Flattering fits and attention-grabbing fabrics will make you feel like a street-style snap just waiting to happen.


Charles LeBrun


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Charles LeBrun has amassed a cult following for its basketball-inspired sportswear that pushes comfort to the forefront. Born from creative director Georgia R Haynes’ desire to buck fashion binaries, Charles LeBrun heroes inclusivity, shuns gender and celebrates courage and authenticity.




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Kloke knows good things come to those who wait, which is why slow fashion is at the heart of everything this Melbourne-based brand does. Kloke blends simplicity and functionality (without skimping on fun prints and thoughtful details) in its extensive range of outerwear, knitwear, sweatshirts, accessories and more.



P.A.M. (Perks and Mini) is the brainchild of power couple Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey, a dynamic duo known for dabbling in art, music, fashion and graphic design. Their iconic streetwear label regularly collaborates with the world’s most impressive brands and artists, and isn’t afraid to play with textures, silhouettes and upcycled materials.


Song for the Mute


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Back in 2011, Song for the Mute was the first menswear brand (and the youngest) to win the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival National Designer Award. Over a decade later, the brand has remained an industry mainstay thanks to its conceptual designs that outlast the season.


Moss Tunstall


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Ajay Jennings, the designer behind Melbourne-based sustainable label Moss Tunstall, thrifts through the state’s top op shops to breathe new life into pre-loved looks. From hand-painted jeans to reconstructed bucket hats, Moss Tunstall pieces are alive with personality and promise to stand the test of time.




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Fighting against the waste and pollution that is rife in the fashion industry, A.BCH is a circular label that makes its garments from renewable, organic and recycled materials. The brand’s thoughtful approach to production carries through to design, with every piece exuding considered simplicity and timeless class.


Wackie Ju


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Wackie Ju, you had us at “non-binary utopia”. The label’s Melbourne-based designer, Jackie Wu, draws inspiration from couture, sexuality and Chinese philosophy in their distinctive designs. Expect sensual staples, like the 3D-printed, Five-Moon G-string: perfect for swimwear, sunwear and just general living-your-best-life wear.


Jody Just


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After a bold debut in 2021 (including being worn by the likes of Post Malone), Jody Just has built a loyal fanbase for its cheeky, rebellious and gritty statement pieces. Embracing its streetwear roots, the label regularly features jumpers slashed with thick sprays of graffiti and tees emblazoned with cult prints that would look just as at home on your wall.




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Doing good not only feels good, it looks good too. HoMie is the streetwear social enterprise that supports young people experiencing homelessness and hardship by equipping them with real-world work experience to better face the future. The brand is gender-neutral, socially and environmentally conscious, and is based out of its Fitzroy flagship store.




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The team behind Melbourne-based skateboard brand Hoddle create colourful decks and contemporary streetwear, often in collaboration with talented local artists. Shop thoughtfully-made button-ups, graphic tees, denim and knitwear.


Nobody Denim


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With the majority of garments manufactured locally in Melbourne, family-owned label Nobody Denim puts ethics and sustainability at the heart of every collection. As denim jeans are inherently androgynous, the brand’s new menswear collection is designed to pair back seamlessly with your already-existing wardrobe, regardless of your gender identity.




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Androgynous Sydney-based brand Kourh (pronounced Koor) has a penchant for rule-breaking bold cuts, luxurious fabrics and unique silhouettes. Kourh makes a conscious decision to remove pronouns from garment descriptions and break free from the constraints of age, gender and seasons.




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An ode to clean design and unpretentious fashion, Melbourne-based brand Handsom is a thoughtful blend of modernity and functionality. Handsom rebels against the fast-fashion model and instead encourages thoughtful shopping through releases of small-batch monthly capsules. The brand’s pieces are expertly crafted from luxe fabrics, designed to carry you through the seasons.




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Australian label and multi-brand stockist Passport is here for all your streetwear and skate-related needs. Boasting a thoughtful selection of contemporary, kitschy and laid-back designs, Passport is a fusion of global skate culture and laidback Australian design.


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