Wands down, this is the best Harry Potter merch we’ve ever seen


Accio this.

Harry Potter collaborations have been coming through thick and fast this year. But, despite all the blankets, cooking tools and pyjamas themed around my all-time favourite book, it’s rare I found merch I’d actually like to sport outside of the house. 

Until now.

Handbag designer Danielle Nicole has teamed up with Warner Bros. to create a line of HP-themed clutches, purses and backpacks.

Inspired by the houses’ animal mascots and the book’s most important motifs (read: lightning bolt, round specs), Nicole has used metallics, glitter and polyurethane to make her vision come to life.

There’s one pouch and one clutch for each house, with designs so nice I don’t even feel bad about being a Hufflepuff (for once).

The best part of all? This collab actually has international shipping available, so there’s no need to use a portkey to get your hands on one.

The collection is available to pre-order now, for January delivery.


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