J. K. Rowling has announced four new ‘Harry Potter’ stories, because HP is forever

Words by Christina Karras

Potterheads rejoice.

With the arrival of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child in Australia, the launch of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game, an endless supply of new Harry Potter LEGO releases, it really feels like the world of HP is more relevant now than ever.

Now fans are getting another insight into the rich history of the Harry Potter world. Pottermore has announced a series of short eBooks, as a spinoff from the 2017 release Harry Potter: A History of Magic.

Set to include notes, manuscript pages and sketches, the series will feature four ‘bite-sized’ reads, with each one exploring a Hogwarts lesson from the original stories.

The eBooks will include Harry Potter: A Journey Through Charms and Defence Against the Dark Arts and Harry Potter: A Journey Through Potions and Herbology, which are set to be released on June 27. Meanwhile, Harry Potter: A Journey Through Divination and Astronomy, and Harry Potter: A Journey Through Care of Magical Creatures will follow soon after.

Keep your eyes on the Pottermore website for more details.


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