Balenciaga releases a $10,000 coat with seven different layers

Images via MatchesFashion
Words by Tara Smith

Seeya winter.

Balenciaga has once again thrown caution to the wind by releasing a $10,000 coat, with – get this – seven different layers.

That’s roughly $1,400 a layer, and one of those layers is a FLANNEL. We’re not sure who’s buying $1,400 flannel shirts but we’d genuinely love to meet them.

The other layers include a hoodie, fleece jacket, parka and raincoat complete with hood, so at least there are points for functionality. After debuting at Balenciaga’s AW18 runway, the garment is now available for preorder here.

Considering this is an accurate depiction of Melburnians at the moment, the timing is pretty apt.


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