Balenciaga’s new mules look suspiciously like McDonald’s fries

Image via LYST
Words by Tara Smith

McDonald’s, but make it fashion.

In the fashion world, Balenciaga is like a never-ending carousel of excellent content.

Take, for example, the recently reported seven-layer coat, or its rear-view mirror clutch. There’s a reason Balenciaga is Kering’s fastest growing luxury brand. It gets the kids.

And while its influence may have paved way for the return of the Dad sneaker, we’re not sure this next trend will be such a huge success.

Introducing Balenciaga’s Square Toe Leather Mules, which – as the general public was quick to point out – kind of resemble a McDonald’s fries packet. The key difference? Balenciaga’s version retails for about $740.

The following Twitter user put it better than any of us could:


Those interested in copping the new drop can head down to their local McDonald’s, or head here and hope they come back in stock.


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