Behold, 2.6-metre long extendo jeans are here to ruin your life

Images via Bronze 56k

What are thooooooose?!

Yesterday, we brought you upside-down denim.

Today, we bring you arguably the ugliest denim release to come out of 2018 – and it’s only July.

Merely describing these jeans would be a disservice. Therefore, I’m going to show you.

Introducing the ‘extendo pants’ from New York-based label Bronze 56k:

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I’m crying.

The brand released the 2.6-metre long jeans on Monday, and they’re already sold out. Let me reiterate that. The extendo pants sold out in less than FOUR DAYS.

Despite the fact that they are completely impractical, the pants retail for roughly $670. Who is buying these pants?! Seriously though, I would genuinely like to meet you.

Credit where it’s due, props to Bronze 56k for doing something that hasn’t been done before. But this is taking the stupid denim trend to a whole new level.

Check them out for yourself here, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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