Belmore Australia is making shoes from Kangaroo leather and here’s why

Belmore Kangaroo Leather shoes

Australian footwear label Belmore is well aware of the opportunity Kangaroo over-population presents to the leather industry.

Approximately 70 per cent of all footwear produced by Belmore is made from kangaroo leather and many reasons have attributed to this decision. Some because of its aesthetic, but mostly because of environmental factors.

The roo is currently out-ranking Australians two to one, which poses a great threat to biodiversity. As an alternative to cowhide, kangaroos are an environmentally-friendly option, as they don’t produce methane, need to be farmed, fed or live transported.

These facts, coupled with Belmore’s local production has earned the brand accreditation from Ethical Clothing Australia.

[Belmore’s] commitment to crafting quality Australian footwear is reflected in their ongoing efforts to manufacture locally and maintain a close eye on the production process,” explains ECA’s Sigrid McCarthy. “It is a values-driven business and we are proud to work alongside them to ensure an ethical and transparent local supply chain.”

The Belmore brand has been running for seven years, which is a testament to how traditional business models can still be put into practice today. Products are made out of a 100-year-old factory in Sefton NSW, by workers with a strong understanding of the craft. The result is one environmentally-sound shoe.

Aside from the environmental benefits, for which there are many, kangaroo leather is also the strongest and thinnest on the market. It is unique in feel as it is raw and malleable to the touch, which is maintained by Belmore by avoiding the use of heavy wax layers and finishes.

You can explore Belmore’s full range here and get 15% off your first order with the code FJ15.



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