Bettina Liano is returning to Aus

Words by Tara Smith

An icon returns.

Remember Bettina Liano?

The iconic denim label went into voluntary administration back in 2011, announcing a focus on the US market instead.

Fast forward to 2018 and the brand – now owned by Apparel Group – is making its return to Australian shores.

You can expect the same signature denim styles the brand is known for, complete with high-quality details like double stitching, branded hardware and the iconic yellow tag.

But according to a press release, the new Bettina Liano is aiming to ‘redefine affordable fashion’, meaning you can probably expect a lower price point.

It’s also important to note that the brand no longer has anything to do with the designer herself. Instead, Liano is launching a brand new denim line, BYBL.

Fans of the original Bettina Liano label can look forward to an all-new collection dropping mid-February 2019.


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