Australian creatives show us their take on the ‘big pants and little top’ combo



Big pants forever.

Vague while also being oddly specific, the ‘big pants and little top’ combo is hard to define but very, very easy to wear. A distant relative of the ‘tiny hat, cuffed jeans’ skater, the large pants/tiny top trend originated on TikTok and quickly spread to every nook and cranny of the Instagram algorithm.

For the most part, it was associated with a specific look: oversized, low-waisted jeans, sneakers (usually Jordans) and a baby tee that said something like ‘diva’. While I’m definitely not binning my baby tees anytime soon, I have noticed a resurgence of the little top/big pants trend that’s a little more subtle.

Instead of denim, big pants are now trending in interesting fabrics (corduroy, linen, raw cotton) and little tops aren’t just small, they’re also sheerer, a little tighter and in contrasting textures to their bottom half counterparts.

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As we enter big pants, little top szn (summer), I’m dedicating my wardrobe to months of midriff-exposing minuscule bralettes and giant pantaloons. Or something along those lines. Today, Australian creatives show us how they’re interpreting the trend.

Tara Chandra, artist, content creator and freelance stylist

Little top, big pants are my fave way to style oversized trousers (or any pants for that matter)! In my mind, big pants are baggy, a statement and/or swallow you up. I find that pairing them with a little top separates my fit and is often more aesthetically pleasing for my figure – however, I do love the big pants, big top look too.

In this outfit, I’m wearing one of my favourite pairs of pants from Somewhere Nowhere. I’ve been loving browns and earthy tones lately, so I’ve paired it with this crop top from Kolly.

Going with the colour theme, I’m wearing my Asics Gel-Preleus, a thrifted tote bag and a hat from my friend’s small business (which is no longer in operation). I’m wearing my Saving Face Co mask that I designed; it ties in with the Somewhere Nowhere heart charms on my pants!


Lillian Scott, content creator

As someone with climber’s legs (which are in fact very good at climbing/hiking/being generally strong) the little top, big pant combo has been a style staple of mine FOREVER. It’s perfect because it allows for extreme practicality on the bottom (which is where it really matters), so you can go as girly, frilly or naughty as you want on the top!

I find my baggy pants to be the most attitude-filled item of clothing in my wardrobe. Maybe it’s just all the extra fabric forcing you into a swagger, but it’s great. I’m wearing hand tie-dyed, wide-leg jeans and a very tiny, yellow gingham handkerchief top – stopping traffic as always.


Tara Elisabeth Jeyasingh, student and retail assistant at Blonde Concept

I bought these MM6 Maison Margiela trousers at the Nolm boutique on my first ever trip to Sydney. My friend and I spent three days running around and eating delicious cakes; these trousers always remind me of that trip. They’re a lot of fun – I love the big exposed pocket and the combination of navy and black.

I like to balance their volume with little tops and during winter I have this amazing embellished black velvet opera jacket that goes perfectly over the top. This bralette is a vintage piece I found at the new Goodbyes shop in Canberra. I’m really enjoying playing around with underwear as outerwear.

I feel this piece pays homage to Madonna’s amazing Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra, which is an energy we all deserve more of. The pink satin is beautiful and it goes so well with pastel coloured accessories, it’s proving to be very versatile!


Marisa Suen, multidisciplinary creative

This is a very classic Marisa look – black, super ‘daggy’, garbage bag-like and comfy! My little top is an Issey Miyake Me piece from AW 2009 (I love the velour detailing), my big pants are from the Korean brand Amu Unisex, the necklace is Justine Clenquet, the bag is Charles Jeffrey Loverboy and shoes are Pêche.

I love this look as it makes me FEEL GOOD! It’s very me and really highlights the key silhouettes in my wardrobe. Honestly, I feel this little top/big pants combo can be mixed in so easily with the rest of my wardrobe. I particularly love wearing this Issey top as a feature piece when I want to dress a little fancier. The oversized Amu pants are comfy to wear around the house or out!


Ruby Staley, freelance writer

Small top, little bottoms is my absolute forte. After crushing on skaters for years, I started adopting the ‘big pants and singlet’ vibe. Now, having matured past my adoration for both, I’m finding myself in big maxi skirts, mini crops and bralettes.

This is a thrifted tiered skirt paired with some trusty slip-on sandals and my Insight bather top that I like to wear as a bralette. You’ll see me in variations of this exact outfit all summer, I can promise you that.


Sophie Jardine, content creator

I love this look from autumn. Everything is thrifted aside from the jacket. These pants are from the consignment store Lune Selects in Carlton – she handpicks the best items! These pants are the most flattering fit. My top is from a thrift store in New Zealand, I liked the ’90s pattern and velvet trim.

I have a bigger bust and wider hips, so I find combining a tight top with low rise flares is flattering on my body shape. I usually style this look with glasses, a mini designer bag and platforms (I’m short, so most flares are too long for me!).


Hattie Nixon, digital creator

I love a small top/big pants moment! For this look, I paired this super cute cherub sheer top I found on Depop with a pair of pants my mum got me from Abercrombie and Fitch in the States. For accessories, I chose a pair of Poppy Lissiman sunglasses and my Kurt Geiger bag. The earrings are handmade by the brand Doodad and Fandango, and the necklaces are the staple jewellery pieces I always have on.

The bag is really special to me, it was on my wishlist for a while and I finally saved up enough to buy it. I love to pair newer items with my pre-loved pieces, it’s a great way to rediscover your wardrobe. I’ve worn these pants so much over the years – big pants are always versatile!


Wayan Preston, content creator, designer and model

The top and baggy jeans that I’m wearing in this look are both from one of my favourite designers, Barragán. I love Barragán’s constant experimentation with unisex and genderless clothing, it really brings awareness to fringe culture and embraces inclusivity in a contemporary way.

These pieces are inspired by the ’90s, queer culture and Mexican tradition, bringing together an eclectic-yet-super-wearable look. Victor Barragán founded the label and he has a real affection for kitschiness. I adore these pants, they’re patchworked with a giant letter B.

They create a campy look with the OTT detailing across both legs. I’m also wearing this rhinestone-embellished Liz and Betty belt and Vissy Hoffie’s green ostrich feather bag.


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