Chanel will no longer use fur or exotic skins in its collections

Image via Chanel
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Goodbye snakeskin.

The latest major brand to make the anti-fur jump is none other than Chanel.

Ahead of a pre-fall show at the Met in New York, the label announced it would no longer use “exotic skins” in its collections.

As well as fur (of which Chanel already uses very little), the ban will extend to crocodile, lizard, snake and stingray skin. Because, yes, apparently stingray leather is a thing.

Chanel’s president of fashion, Bruno Pavlovsky, told WWD the brand will instead be turning to leathers and textiles created by “agri-food” (or agriculturally-farmed) industries.

Pavlovsky also pointed out that it would take some time to completely phase the materials out of boutique distribution, but it’s definitely a start.


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