Everything you need to know about choosing the right lingerie for your body

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Getting intimate.

Australian label Maiki crafts fine lingerie, intimates and loungewear with a focus on luxury and feminine sensuality.
Founded by Melitta Gardner in 2017, the label offers quality designs at affordable prices. The range is ethically made from expertly sourced lace and silk, and versatile enough to be worn both between the sheets and out on the streets.
We asked the Melitta for her best tips on buying, styling and caring for your lingerie.

What’s your most popular style? Why do you think that is?

Our most popular style is our Romi Bandeau Bralette. I believe its popularity is due to the fact that there isn’t many feminine, delicate bandeau bralettes currently available, let alone ones that are suited to a range of different sizes. The Romi suits anyone from an A cup through to a DD, with its structured design offering the perfect balance of lift and fit.

What’s the benefit of wearing an underwire bra vs a bralette?

A cup shape or underwire bra offers a firmer, more secure fit, as well as consistent lift. Underwire bras are generally the style of choice for larger-breasted women due to the amazing amount of support and lift they provide. A bralette or wireless bra still provides a secure fit and flattering lift, but the absence of wire provides a relaxed, barely-there feel. When selecting between the two, it comes down to your daily activities and wardrobe needs. Having both in your lingerie drawer can be important.

Do bralettes cater for larger bust sizes too?

The beauty of bralettes is that when they are constructed correctly, they can be just as comfortable and supportive as an underwire bra. Many dismiss bralettes as an option only for smaller-chested women, but as long as the bralette has built-in support in the bands and inner slings/linings, it will still lift and support larger busts comfortably. This was an important factor when designing our wireless bralettes, as it is essential that they still provide adequate support and lift when sized up.

Do you have any rules when purchasing lingerie?

When purchasing lingerie, I think it’s really important to consider all aspects of comfort. A bra or bralette may look amazing, but does it feel as good as it looks? I also think when purchasing lingerie, it is important to consider whether you can style it to be seen, and what outfits you could style it with. Overall, I think it is important to purchase what makes you feel incredible, as there is no better feeling!

How should we look after our pieces? 

As lace is an extremely delicate material, we always recommend hand washing in cool water, or placing your lingerie in an underwear bag and washing on a delicate cycle. Then you should always lay it flat and let it air dry.

Why do you use Japanese lace?

When first sourcing our lace, we really wanted to ensure it was of the highest quality. A lot of lingerie on the market at the moment is made from high stretch synthetic fibres, which is something we were not interested in crafting with. We spent time researching and sampling a lot of different textiles until we came across this amazing lace from Japan. It doesn’t just look stunning, but it feels amazing too. Immediately when you pick up one of our pieces you can feel the quality, and that’s what we wanted to achieve.

What’s your favourite piece?

My favourite piece is our latest release, the Saki Bodysuit. The design of this piece began with our best-selling underwire bra, which we then extended and transformed into a feminine structured bodysuit. Aside from its amazing fit, I love its versatility, as it can be styled so many different ways.

How can we incorporate lingerie into our every day/outerwear?

There are so many ways to incorporate lingerie into an everyday day look, and we design all of our pieces with this mind. It could be peeking through under an oversized white button up, under a sheer blouse, over a white t-shirt, underneath a tailored blazer or layered under a knit – the options are vast.

Do you have any new designs coming up we can look forward to?

We have just received the initial design samples of our next collection, which we can’t wait to share. This release will see some of our most popular styles re-designed and re-imagined, as well as new pieces including nightdresses, camis and bodysuits.

Any tips when buying lingerie as a gift?

It’s super important to consider the lucky recipients sizing, as it is important to pick pieces that will suit both their bust and body shape. There is nothing worse than receiving a gift that doesn’t fit.



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