Reformation launches its debut footwear collection

Words by Christina Karras

Doing good while looking good.

Instagram’s favourite sustainable label, Reformation, has launched its first-ever footwear collection.

The brand is known for its flirty dresses and cut out silhouettes, so it’s no surprise the new line of footwear offers a range of open-toed shoes, perfect for summer nights. Think strappy sandals, lace-up espadrilles and kitten heels. Most notably, there’s a pair of leather, heeled thongs which aren’t nearly as offensive as they sound.

Ref Shoes are all made from fabrics which seek to reduce waste, like organic cotton and vegetable-dyed leathers.

The brand also claims to save an average of 52 per cent of CO² emissions, 70 per cent water and 65 per cent waste in the production of its footwear, in comparison to most other shoes bought in the US. For those interested, you can read the full sustainability statistics for each shoe in their description on the website.

Check out the collection above before shopping it here.


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